Book review "The Perks of beeing a Wallflower"







The Perks of beeing a Wallflower
This book review is about the book "The Perks of being a Wallflower" written by Stephan Chbosky.
The book i

The Perks of beeing a Wallflower This book review is about the book "The Perks of being a Wallflower" written by Stephan Chbosky. The book is a modern classic and is about the main character Charlie who is an introverted person, but does not want to hide forever and, despite his bad past and his problems, beats through everyday life. The book is written from the perspective of the fiftheen year old Charlie in the form of letters and he began his story after the death of his best friend Michael. Charlie has only one friend and that is his English teacher. He is bullied by most students for being a bookworm and not as open-minded as the iistene people of his age. Once Charlie was watching a football game from his older brother, a guy called Patrick asked him if he wanted to sit down with him and he also met Patrik's sister Sam, who he found beautiful from the beginning. Later Charlie saw Patrick walking around with a boy and initiated him into his secret gay life. And as the siblings found out what Charlie has to go through in school, their let him be there friend and there great friendship began. The friends have a super time together and have...

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also experienced a lot together, such as where they drove through the tunnel and the otherwise so constricted Charlie could feel free once. At Christmas Sam had a very special gift to Charlie. She gave him his first kiss, because he should have his first kiss with someone who really loves him. Even though it was friendly from her side, it was a big deal, for the in love Charlie. Shortly after that when Charlie's birthday was, he remembered the loved one in his life who died that day. His aunt Helen died in a car accident when he was little, when she wanted to buy him a gift. His aunt is a big reason why Charlie has so many mental health problems because he was sexually abused by her when he was little and he could never say it because he loves his aunt so much and she always told him it was their secret. There was a school dance and Charlie went there with Mary Elizabeth. Then they went to their house and went around. After that evening they were a couple although Charlie has no feelings for her. He loves Sam and at a party they played truth or dear and Charlie kissed the most beautiful girl for him. That means he kissed Sam, who is in a relationship with craig, even though he was in a relationship with Mary Elizabeth because he couldn't stop with her. After this incident, Charlie was supposed to stay away and his friends ignored him. After a couple of weeks, Patrik's secret relationship with Brad broke down because his father found everything out. He then got along with Charlie again and when he comforted the sad Patrik he kissed him. However, this had no effect on the relationship between the two. Because it was just a moment of sadness and not love. As Sam's conclusion approached, she had ended up with her boyfriend because he had gone strange to her. Charlie helped her pack for the university she was admitted to. The two got closer and kissed. Charlie was terrified because he had a flashback from the time he was abused, but he overplayed this feeling towards her. The next day, with all the feelings he had to endure from flashback, it got worse and worse and when he was at home he had a breakdown. His sister called the police because she was afraid he was doing something, but when the police were there, he became inpower. When he later woke up in the hospital, he talked to a psychologist and they realized that he blamed himself for his aunt's death. His parents learned of his past, and many of his idiosyncrasies were explained. Over the next few days, he was out with his friends Sam and Patrik before they went to collage and then he realized what luck he had with them as friends. I like the book and I had a lot of fun reading it that many topics had also addressed me a lot, such as the problems that many students also have with bullying or that everyone should get help if something so bad happened to him. I find the book exciting and I recommend it to everyone to read as there are many exciting scenes and you can always put yourself in one of the characters.