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Freitag, 5. Februar 2021 12:48
Definition Globalisation" refers to the growing global network of trade, travel, knowledge and

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Globalisation Freitag, 5. Februar 2021 12:48 Definition Globalisation" refers to the growing global network of trade, travel, knowledge and influence People are able to travel all over the world, sell and buy products everywhere and to exchange information across the planet because of a global market ‱Can be dangerous for the environment, human rights, cultural diversity, financial security..... positively or negatively: It affects Categories Culture PRO ‱ promotes cultural awareness people see more of the world and can differ reduces causes of conflicts stolarance towards other countries/cultures Global understanding be of English language A global Connects people all over the world society can help each other through a cricis ‱Makes migration possible "People get the chance for a better life and can escape bad living conditions ・A global togetherness" Politics Westernisation Western countries profit from G a lot their economy profits from it and they become stronger to (e.g.) support other countries International coorperations/agreements are possible Agreements on maintaining peace →Coonperations aloout helping each other through a crisis or if one's in need of sth. Economy Pushes the economy of some countries like crazy Leg. Europe, USA, western countries,.... they are then able to help others Environment. The developed internet can be used to transport information without hurting the environment. ‱Many companys and industries focus on fair and green trade" ŃĐŸĐ» ‱ Cultures may blend together. loss of cultural diversity in the world "languages may be lost bc English tends to spread as...

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Knowunity ist die #1 unter den Bildungs-Apps in fĂŒnf europĂ€ischen LĂ€ndern

Knowunity ist die #1 unter den Bildungs-Apps in fĂŒnf europĂ€ischen LĂ€ndern

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Ich liebe diese App so sehr, ich benutze sie auch tÀglich. Ich empfehle Knowunity jedem!! Ich bin damit von einer 4 auf eine 1 gekommen :D

Philipp, iOS User

Die App ist sehr einfach und gut gestaltet. Bis jetzt habe ich immer alles gefunden, was ich gesucht habe :D

Lena, iOS Userin

Ich liebe diese App ❀, ich benutze sie eigentlich immer, wenn ich lerne.

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a cultural language · Everybody is connected to / can reach everyone wars and terroristic attacks get easier ‱Spread of information to everywhere information can get into the wrong hands beg. information about (nuclear) weapons ‱Other countries are left out Only a part of the world actually profits from the benefits of G Creates a selfish mindset. Industrialised Countries think they are sth better English as Everybody would understand each other a world ↳no misunderstandings anymore language Already over half of the world technical and (globally) scientific terms are in English ‱Many languages have become extinct before Eng- Lish became the lingua franca ‱Gives you more chances in the future work life ↳broadens your job-horizon ‱Not every country has the same or a similar po- litical system Not being able to agree on things because there are so many opinions on things ‱Constant high pressure on politicians and the gov emments to perform and do good ‱Politicians argue about the Pros and Cons of Globalisation for the world disagreements ‱Theres on ongoing competition between countries ‱3rd-world-countries in general stay far behind pushes each of them to be the best and by in any developments the world goes through that they (e.g.) find new inventions who then help them and the rest of the planet Global player" as the main profitors of G is they get all the money and slowly eliminate Small businesses Industries take advantage of ..Outsourcing" >fet other countries produce their goods for less $ CO2 emissions because of the transport A unsustainable lifestyle ressources are limited and we're already running out of a lot of them Biological diversity is slowly getting destroyed Globalisation promotes the climate change →Global warming because of all the shipping, new inventions who are bad for the environment Causes forces of nature. floodings, extreme heat/cold, droughts. Social and Scientists create a lot of inventions which are ·Poor countries (3rd-world) can't afford these technological very useful for the whole world types of technologies and new inventions network ↳ they get left behind and can't benefit from push bc of constant competition ‱Technologists create new tools as well ‱Everything can be spread and shared them "They have to build them for little money and wage and under bad working conditions Flood of (unsecure) information Because there's so much information out there, can't seperate between important /useless or safe/unsecured exchange of information and tools beg. a vaccine during a pandemic The world as one big communicating community ‱ Easy to get access to education, etc. be- cause of the internet (www) the internet never forgets" ‱ Everybody has the right to use the internet Information can easily be selled to the wrong New and instant information can save Lifes because it can warn and inform people about possible threats ↳misusage of one's personal data No matter where you are on earth, you can stay in touch with your family and friends ‱Many Englishes bc of dialects and being impacted by other languges still misunderstandings ·languages determine culture "result would be the losses of many cultures People would lose their hobbies (to study other languages) x ! Concludingly one can say that Globalisation definitely has its positive and nega- very parts of the world and it can promote a global togetherness but on the other hand we have to be careful (especially with the long-term results) because we can't for example restore our limited ressources and we sure can't keep our planet healthy if we continue to pollute it the way we're doing it right now, which is highly promoted by the process of Globalisation,