Contents - setting: London + begins in August 2012, at the time of the London Olympics L The Embassy of Cambodia (2013) the story of a modern slave tells the story of a young African woman, Fatou works in the Derawal's household (wealthy + Pakistani) author Switches back + forth between L events related to by an omniscient narrator comments of a Willesden woman L reminiscences/memories of Fatou (main ch.). visits swimming pool. memory: :Carilo Beach Resort raped by Russian tourist - remembers seeing 9 children drowning in the ocean "quietly accepted tragedy of one year later: 1 boy on his bike, Italy Rome, has worked cleaning toilets at a Catholic girls! school → Initially envied Living Statues → earn money → realises she is better off -Characters Fatou rholds a passport (North London) -refugee, not an undocumented migrant, from the Ivory Coast Live-in nanny for a Pakistani middle class family, Derawals, in Willesden -E is exploited doesn't get paid (her wage is kept by the D+ for letting her live there. -Fis treated w/disrespect BUT doesn't feel like a slave -Africa: is raped by a Russian tourist Ghana disrespectful (Hilfsarbeit) toilet cleaner, however: Fatou does not despair or rebel (verzweifeln) endures: humiliation, discrimination (Accra Hotel + Derawals), loneliness to survive: accepts menial Jobs (Chambermaid) but she is overqualified: F. reads English, speaks a little Italian, knows little about world history + politics → discussed w/ Andrew. -A. persuades...

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her to get baptised -end despite her disappointment about the Derawals ingratitude prepared for whatever her dismissal difficulties life might have in store for her -Themes/Interpretation + - People's indifference to pers. tragedy / suffering → frustrates F. L Willesden woman" - A.: "Don't give the Devil your anger, it is it's food" - A: Africans do the same "We cry for Africa, because we are Africans." →>> even nowadays Racial conflict + racism London: multicultural → many immigrants (mainly from Saraw Colonies) L Pain, evil + lack of solidarity Fatou's+ Andrew's conversations revolve around... - F. personal experiences: rape, discrimination, hard degrading, menial work, exploitation, maltreatment (hostility, neglect) L proof of the vulnerability of the powerless poor consolation underprivileged in the modern world. F. helpless in the face of evil → turns to Christianity -protection - after baptism → happy but not for long but recognises the evil in the Russian tourist + Derawals - The Embassy of Cambodia, villa, North London district - Café: F+ A. talk about the policies of the "Big Men"," strategies of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, rulers in Nigeria tell people what to do /think + crush them. F.not attracted to A but thinks A=good man L his good qualities outweigh his bad ones continous influx of newcomers UK: unique diversity, but tensions increase ethnic (locals & immigrants i groups () Fatou Derawals (Africans & Pakistani) -built in 1930s, surrounded by a red brick wall when 1 opened w/ - associate: Cambodia • genocide committed employers/ - On Mondays: Derawals → away ; Fatou goes swimming -F. asks A. to go swimming w/her mange to go in for free + enjoy time together in the pool at the health centre next to the Embassy rone of the Derawals for free uses a guest pass, w/out the family knowing taught herself to swim, while working as a Chamber- maid, at the Carib Beach Resort, Accra Cahana) -walks by the Embassy often sees. shuttlecock fascinates her passing back forth betw. 2 unseen players (beh. brick wall) La immigrants, succeeded, shop owners Fatou feel superior due to achievements confiscate her passport, don't pay, intense work load, insults → ultimale disrespect: dismissal Andrew -F.'s church friend -3 years older than F. - from Nigeria -devoted Christian, educated person in Lordan studies a part-time business degree, -works as a night guard. -knows more about the world than F., →impresses F. (minicid/verständnis) -A.cares for F, is generous + sympathy for A. body insecurities -listens patiently to her complaints, tries to console her saves from despair (trasten) E The game of Badminton -Symbolises the continuous: Lup (acceptance, employment, peace) achievement: defeat down (displacement, insecurity, fear) → persistent pattern of life. -Since then: Sundays → Church lea Adoesn't notice -Sometimes flirts → but cannot imagine A as husband ↳ thinks he is a dreamer Relationship: FA -have known each o. for a year -A. started their acquaintance L Slavery+ Exploitation economic + sexual exploitation newspaper article rin London - One day: reads a about a Sudanese "slave", kept by a rich man compares her situation with.... L doesn't think she is a slave was not beaten butionly slapped twice by MisD same evening: F. loses her job doesn't understand why -Mrs D.: no need for a nanny anymore. although F. never worked as a nanny -F. asks for her passport D. confiscated it Woman on the balcony L refugees, asylum-seekers, immigrants often do deaming work like slaves -emigrate often to find employment. Las chambermaid → supplement low Iwages by howing paid sex w/guests Human traffickers organise transport of Africans to Europe demand high sums of money (take advantage of) - "To keep you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss Khmer Rouge, Cambodia • applies today → Mrs Derawal dismisses her (ruthless, disrespect) On Sundays: : meets her church friend Andrew to worship at the Sacred of your often after: A invites F Timisian coffee shop comment in 1st person plural ("we, the people of Willesden" dressing gown can overlook the Embassy. expresses the attitude of the Author: Zadie Smith - born in October 1975, North London Black Jamaican mother While English father native population towards. newcomers, world events,... much trouble + misery. → don't want to get involved when they employed her where it is Mrs Doffended pretends to not know The Derawals -treat F. Like a stave -Mr D = Ignores her -Mrs D Strict, sharp, Ljealousy? Slapped F twice! - Children are rude. - + + The Embassy - is it really? no cambodian.... symbolises immigrants: don't fit in, language barrier -high walls → excluded /outsiders → indifference - hidden life in the middle of city Outline 0-1: Description of the setting: embassy and neighbouring buildings 0-2: Fatou passes the Embassy for the first time on her way to the swimming pool. where she regularly swims 0-3: Woman on the balcony claims that inhabitants of Willesden associate Cambodia with genocide 0-4: Fatou watches people at the Embassy; information about her employers: the Derawal family - one day: F. sees mysterious woman leaving the Embassy in a +pain LF. engages A conversation about suffering Holocaust, killings in Rwanda, corruption gov. Nigerian F. thinks "we (the Africans) were born. to suffer more than all the rest" the y. of the Delawair F. returns home saves Asma from choking Mr D. scolds Asma + briefly thanks F. in timez Mrs D. scolds F. for not having prepared dinner →no gratitude towards F. for saving Asma seem to feel guilty, awkward 0-5: A basketball hoop appears in the garden of the Embassy 0-6: Woman on the balcony describes the diverse neighbourhood of the Embassy 0-7: Fatou compares her own life with the story of a 'slave' girl in London 0-8: Fatou observes a mysterious Cambodian woman leaving the Embassy 0-9: Comment from the woman on the balcony: We cannot follow the history of every "little" country 0-10: Fatou and her friend Andrew talk about the suffering and the pain in the world 0-11: After a conversation in a café Fatou and Andrew part in the rain - Fatou phones Andrew 0-12: Fatou saves the youngest daughter of the Derawals from choking 0-13: The ideology of the Khmer Rouge 0-14: Fatou thinks back to her work at the seedy hotel in Accra where she was raped by a Russian tourist Is she a modern slave? passport was taken confiscated + no payment +incredible work load offers to let her sleep in his room I while he is at work (at night) help her find a job as a cleaner 0-15: First meeting with Andrew; Fatou remembers the tragedy of drowned children 0-16: Fatou recalls her time in Rome, envy of Bengali boys; Fatou becomes a Catholic 0-17: Mrs Derawal brusque and ungrateful towards Fatou 0-18: Conversation with Andrew about politics; Fatou invites Andrew to go swimming with her 0-19: Fatou and Andrew meet at the health care centre 0-20: Andrew and Fatou in the pool together 0-21: Fatou is fired by the Derawals; cannot understand why; she phones Andrew for help the (offices where he works) - F goes swimming → pass the time until meeting Andrew Fatou's migration route - From Africa to London Ivory Coast - Ghana (Accra) - Libya - Italy (Rome) - UK (London) Modern slavery recruitment of helpless women, children, men • through the use of force, abuse of vulnerability, deception,... purpose of exploitation, servitude, forced labour crime → Modern Slavery Act 2015 → The condition of being forced by threats or violence to work for little or no payment, and of having no power to control what work you do or where you do it. "Gratitude was just another kind of servitude. Better to make your own arrangements" -strength, independent. - - Story of emancipation? doesn't (vulnerable → self-reliant, take A. + no access to the internet + abuse of vulnerability + controlled, observed Chas to bring no respect receipts food shopping - Umbrella free to + away) go can read, speak, write English Oyster card owner doesn't feel like a slave (out. 12