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the monarohy
- still has a monarchy, but at the same time it is the oldest
democracy in the world
- has never written a constitution in its

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the monarohy - still has a monarchy, but at the same time it is the oldest democracy in the world - has never written a constitution in its history - political system is based on a number of documents that are linked to important a number of important events in British history The Magna Carta (Great Charter) 1215 - earls and barons in the Middle Ages were often dissatisfied with the way their kinds governed the country → rebelled against decisions - in 1215 they made King Johan sign a document that limited the king's power and protected their own privileges The Bill of Rights 1689 - another constitutional document that limited the powers of the crown while reinforcing the rights of the parliament later developments - women were still not allowed to vote at the beginning of the 20th century There are two houses: the House of Commons and the House of Lords The House of Commons - 650 members are directly elected by voters in the constituentcies - the actual legislative body of the UK The House of Lords - main function: to examine and revise the work of the government thereby sharing the task of shaping laws and checking the governments legislation - to discuss, examine or delay bills general elections - they are generally held ever five years BRITAIN The fact of being British, or qualities that are considered...

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Alternativer Bildtext:

typical of British people represents the British spirit→→Lifestyle SHOULD THEY ABOLISH THE BRITISH MONARCHY? YES, THEY SHOULD - the royal family is cost-intensive (representation of the family is expensive); but: they have gained a lot of money through all thousands millions tourists British taxpayers loose a certain amount of money in Britain's monarchy; but: an alternative elected head of state would not be cost-free either having a queen as head of state who has inherited her title would be incompatible with democracy → Britain might be one of the countries in Europe that still has a monarchy but at the same time it's the oldest democracy in the world → the queen has only very limited powers and mostly representational functions → she embodies British stereotypes and helps symbolizing Britishness and national values - no separation between state and religion, tied to the church - arrogant and snobby family The Queen - has no overt power but is formally part of the government system she is... ... head of state ... a symbol of national unity important function - appoints the Prime Minister > by inviting the leader of the majority in the House of Commons to form a government - represents the country at home and abroad NO, THEY SHOULDN'T Britain is known for its royal family - change is difficult to manage -68% of British inhabitants think that the institution of the monarchy os good for Britain - Why should we abolish something that is accepted and loved by most of the Britains? - makes Britain different from most other countries - good for charity/ the royal family does a lot of charitiy - British monarchy attracts tourists which is an economic factor and part of the entertainment industry Queen is a well-respected person would ruin the nation' tradition/loss of traditions - monarchy costs only a few cents for each taxpayer - keeps the people interested in history