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 Cartoon Analysis
1 Introduction
• author, date, first publication source
• briefly state the issue or target group
2 Description
• describe

Cartoon Analysis 1 Introduction • author, date, first publication source • briefly state the issue or target group 2 Description • describe the cartoon in detail • include the contents of captions, speech bubbles,... and their relationship to the picture 3 Analysis • examine the elements (characters, objects, text) and explain the message they convey • pay attention to the function of characters (do they represent well-known people or a particular group?) and typical techniques (irony, puns,...) 4 Evaluation • state whether the picture is effective and which elements are responsible for its success/failure if it is a historical picture, compare the original effect it may have had with the one it has now give your personal opinion or your thoughts on which topic the picture represents The cartoon was drawn by ... and it was published in ... on ... . It was created in response to ... It shows/deals with/ refers to/ comments on ... The cartoonist makes fun of .../ criticizes... for (doing sth). The cartoon consists of/is divided into ... There's a (short/ironic) caption/speech bubble in/on/next to ... The caption says/states that .../is a comment by ... The cartoon stands for/represents/is a caricature of ... The cartoon plays on the stereotypical view of ... is exaggerated/stressed/symbolic for ... reinforces the cartoonist's message that ... The humour lies in the contrast/parallels/misunderstanding between ... and ... The cartoon (only partly) achieves...

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its aim of (doing sth). In my opinion, the cartoonist is (not) successful in presenting/ criticizing... because... The cartoon appeals (doesn't appeal) to me. In my opinion, it is convincing/simplistic/confusing/unfair. The cartoonist skillfully/effectively shows ... Unfortunately, it remains unclear whether ... or ... Example The cartoon "Trapped in an online world" by Christina Bernazzani, which was published in The Daily London Herald on 10 April 2018, shows a man sitting in a golden bird cage. The cartoon focuses on a man sitting in the middle of a large, golden bird cage. He is sitting on a swing that is attached to the top of the cage. His feet are dangling in the air. On the left you can see that the door of the cage is wide open. But the man does not seem to notice that. He is holding a computer and is staring at it. The cage is so big that it makes the man look the size of a little bird. This exaggeration implies a comparison between the man and a bird that is kept as a pet. Both are trapped in a cage. But the door of this cage is wide open. The man could escape and be free, but he is too focused on his computer to notice. Thus, the cage seems to be a symbol for his addiction to the internet that he also cannot escape. The cartoonist thereby criticises that people spend so much time online that they forget to live in the real world and are trapped in an online world. The cartoon is convincing because it uses several stylistic devices that emphasize its critical message. The message itself is very convincing because it addresses everyone on a personal level. The cartoon therefore has a great effect on people as it makes them question the amount of time they invest in an online world that does not really exist. Trapped in an online world