Cartoon Analysis über Climate Change




Klima in Gefahr
Klima in Gefahr
Klima in Gefahr

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Englisch EF Krr OLIVER DER STANDARD Vienna AUSTRIA Analysis: Cartoon-Climate in trouble Climate in trouble CLIMATE TROUBLE IN MAYBE LATER! 20.05.2021 WE ARE IN A HURRY, TO THE NEXT CONFERENCE Ouver DOF STANDARD CWS NYTS CWS/CARTOONARTS INTERNATIONAL www.cartoonweb.com By Oliver Schopf, 2009 http://www.oliverschopf.com Englisch EF Krr Analysis: Cartoon-Climate in trouble 20.05.2021 The political cartoon “Climate in trouble”, drawn by Oliver Schopf and published in 2009 on www.oliverschopf.com deals with the fact that the global problem of climate change is ignored by many people and especially politicians. The presented situation takes place on the street. The largest part of the cartoon is taken up by some clouds, which shape a human-like creature on the left-hand side. It seems to be an old man that holds a crutch in his left hand. In front of the man there is a poster, which says "CLIMATE IN TROUBLE." The label is written in bold capital letters. The human is sitting on the streets and his mouth is wide open. On the bottom right-hand side some men are illustrated. They are wearing black suites and are standing or running at the edge of the sidewalk. The first man is carrying a brief case and his body is directed to the human sitting at the street. There is a speech balloon above him which says "MAYBE LATER!" The man on his right is also carrying a suit case. He...

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is taking a look at his watch. His body is turned away from the homeless person and he is walking down the sidewalk. Above him another speech balloon can be seen, which says "WE ARE IN A HURRY." The other men are obviously running away from the human sitting on the street. The men are "in a hurry” “TO [THEIR] NEXT MEETING", as a speech balloon above the third man says. All these speech balloons are also written in bold capital letters. The cartoonist makes only use of the "colors" black and white. The human sitting on the street is possibly homeless. From the fact that he is holding a crutch in his hand, one can conclude that he is injured. Also, the hat and the poster in front of him support the assumption of him being homeless. Because of his mouth being wide open it can be inferred that he is screaming for help. He is begging for attention and money. The men on the right-hand side are ignoring the homeless person. They want to escape from this uncomfortable situation and lying to him not having enough time. Taking a closer look at the cartoon, it can be said that the cartoonist clearly criticizes the politicians, because of ignoring the important and current problem of climate change, instead of taking environmental protective actions. In order to convey the message, the cartoonist makes use of several pictorial and textual elements, which will be presented in the following. One presented pictorial element, which can be found in the cartoon, is a personification. Most people know the awkward situation of passing a homeless person and to avoid eye contact. By personifying the climate change as a homeless person, the viewer can identify with one of the men and gets faced with the fact that they ignore the problem of climate change the same way the do ignore homeless people. The crutch the man holds in his hand shows that he is possibly injured. Although being injured non of the men is feeling compassion and helping him. The crutch illustrates that the climate change is an urgent and current problem. If nobody helps the injured homeless person, he will possibly die. So does the climate, if nobody takes action and protects the environment. The labelling on the homeless man´s poster is written in capital letters and underlines the big, global problem of climate change. Also, the facial expression of screaming emphasizes the importance and urgency of this problem. His illustration is exaggerated, which underlines the importance of this problem and the big impact it does and will have on humans' lives. Furthermore, it can be said that the dark clouds are a symbol of disaster, obscurity and despair. The climate change endangers the humans´ and also the animals' lives. Humans are responsible for global warming and its effects. If action is not taken now, the future generations will suffer from the effects of the climate change, that we caused. They will not be able to live on a planet, on which we live today. Their lives will be embossed Englisch EF Krr Analysis: Cartoon-Climate in trouble 20.05.2021 by darkness and hopelessness. Due to the fact that the men not helping the homeless person are wearing suits and briefcases it can be inferred that they are representing politicians. Politicians have the power to initiate environment protection measures in their countries and to encourage the public to live more sustainable for example. But even they are ignoring the problem of climate change for their own benefit. An irony can be found in the fact that the politicians do not help solving this problem, but being the cause for it. They will possibly fly with their private jet to their "next conference." The cartoonist draws an analogy between the men, that are ignoring the homeless, begging person and the politicians, which are ignoring problems, for which they cannot find an easy solution. The way the speech balloons are presented creates a feeling of escape. The politicians try to escape from a big problem the world is faced with. He makes no use of colors, which illustrates the damaged world, people will live in, if the environment is not protected, a grey world with no hope and sense of life. Based on the aspects which have been analyzed, it can be stated that the cartoon is effective because of using several pictorial and textual elements in this cartoon. Also, the situation is well chosen, as the viewers are similar to the situation of passing a homeless person. The cartoonist draws attention to an important problem, that has to be handled. I am of the opinion that the cartoonist has reached the intended effect.