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,,Today, the truth is becoming unfashionable again. [...] Moreover, the truth is hard,
expensive and sometimes boring, whereas lies

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Comment ,,Today, the truth is becoming unfashionable again. [...] Moreover, the truth is hard, expensive and sometimes boring, whereas lies are easy, cheap and thrilling." This statement from The Independent from March 26th, 2016 addresses the problem, that people are not interested in real news anymore, because lies and drama are easier and more exciting. The following paragraph lays out, why nowadays, this really is a problem. Many people care more about rumors or scandals about celebrities than about serious topics. They are for example concerned about the relationship of Addison Rae and Bryce Hall or conspiracy theories about the government and the Corona Virus, rather than about climate change or racism. A consequence is, that these serious issues are not represented enough in the media or society, as they do not bring as many views, likes or money. Moreover, it often takes more effort, time and money to seriously investigate the truth and find out every important detail, whereas lies and rumors are simple to create and to spread. This causes uncertainty about what really is true and what is a lie, which leads to conspiracy theories and miseducation. Another problem in today's society is that serious topics are only represented in the media, when they are trending. The Black Lives Matter Movement was big for a month,...

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it was going viral, and people were sharing important information, their thoughts and prayers. But after a while, they were tired of hearing about it and stopped, even though discrimination and racism are still present today. Another example is the Save the turtles challenge, where people avoided using straws and posted about it, to reduce single use plastic and to save marine life. This is problematic, because when these challenges or trends are over, people do not care anymore. They start using straws again or ignore the fact that people are being discriminated against. But in order to solve a problem, we must change our lifestyle and way of thinking sustainably and not only for a few weeks or month. Adding to that, some people simply do not want to see or hear the truth. Because reality is harsh sometimes, Humankind tends to try and ignore their problems, instead of facing and solving them. Global warming for instance, is really controverse. Some people believe in it and some do not. Many do not want to believe in it, because they do not want to accept that humans are the cause of this problem or they are just too comfortable to change their lifestyle, in order to stem the consequences of climate change. As a conclusion I can say, that from my point of view the truth is one of the most important aspects of our society and we should not take it for granted. The truth may bore some people but what is the point in investing all my energy in rumors that turn out to be lies? I rather put my energy in education myself and changing my lifestyle sustainably in order to solve serious problems. I think that if important topics were represented more actively, people would eventually have to listen. And it may be expensive and time-consuming to investigate the truth, but it is for a greater good, which is why I think it is more valuable than money could every be.