long walk home/ the rabbit proof fence




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Long Walk Home
- Molly and Dousy are sisters
- Gracie ist the cousin from Molly and. Daisy
- Mother and grand mother
-The fathe
Long Walk Home
- Molly and Dousy are sisters
- Gracie ist the cousin from Molly and. Daisy
- Mother and grand mother
-The fathe
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FILM Long Walk Home family - Molly and Dousy are sisters - Gracie ist the cousin from Molly and. Daisy - Mother and grand mother -The fathers have moved on. They re }imi - good hunters in the family - the hole family is Living together in the bush way to Moor River. from Jigalong to Perth ca. 1500-2000 miles the girls went in car and by train mixed blood children white people. - living in Digalong Molly's mother tells her that the spirit bird will always look after her facts girls: house by white people. Moor River - the Moor. River Native Settelment was etablished to train Aboriginal children to work, boys field - the girls should be married to white man so that the aboriginals. be exterminated could ausgero Het - the kids are between 0 and 18 years old. - children with the lightest going to school light skin: clever dark skin: dump. rules : brave, barn to sing, stand up and make their beds, clean rooms, they have policements. -rabbit-proof fence is the longest fence in the world and goes all the Constable Riggs threatens that if Gracie moves from the car, he will lock to the sea. way her mother up.. The escape Neville kept it out off papers they went along the rabbit Pance, cause. Jingalong is near the rabbit fance the tracker from Moor River (Moodo) and the police are looking after them - they run away...

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while everyone was in the church - hides: wated until it rained, so the trucker don't saw their foodprints, went through the river, lay. false trails - were on the wrong fance, some people told them and on the right fence from Gracie the - A man told the three kids that their mother wait at another train station in a diffrent city. to catch them. Gracie believed the man and went to the train station to went to her mum, Holly and Daisy still followed the rabbit fance but turned around to catch up. Gracie. they went - Gracie get catched by the police, she died later and never to Dingalong come back when Molly and Daisy sa wake up in the desert, where the fence was away, they first (Molly) a eagel and they heard the sound. and says "home" and saws the fance again of him arrived after I weeks in Jigalong, Molly run, hug and cry when she saw's her mom again and says: ;. last one . « . -Molly and Daisy's mother and other women from their community were singing and praying to have spiritual contact to the girls. and they could hear them, and they have hope that they come back About the people Molly and Daisy's futur: got married, Molly had 2 kids -zone gat Neville, went back to Bingalong Mavis: slave on the farm, she's sexually abused Modoo: Aboriginal, daughter lives in Moor River too, so see his daughter he works as a tracker for Neville and has the task of hunting runaways. women from the house helped them, feed them, get them clothes, shows them the way Neville: legal guardian of all Aboriginals in Western Australia he has the power to remove any Aboriginal child from their home his office is in Perth wants to exterminated mixed blood children.