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 Nigeria, summer paradise or terror war palace?
Aloha my friends,
Phea 'oi? Maika lloha, I hope.
Today I want you kāne tell about Nigeria, w
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Nigeria, summer paradise or terror war palace? Aloha my friends, Phea 'oi? Maika lloha, I hope. Today I want you kāne tell about Nigeria, well more like bad and good things about visiting nigeria. First of all I will tell you what is absolutely kapu. That would have to be driving thru Lagos I would say. Maopopo iā 'oe? It isn't that good of an idea to just drive there in the normal traffic because they aren't very calm in stressed situations, as the cabs are even lifted above the cars to get away, like "let's go lolo buggah". And as they are so many people in traffic it is not only loud and aznuts, it's as well hot inside and outside the car, my friends- now you will get maybe the most important hint you will have to remember- never ever forget your water. You may think why does this bodda you? Well let's just say you wont have enough time to get while your waiting, it would be kapu to just leave your car and get something while staying in traffic. And you will stay. Lagos is a hell of traffic. So if you kāne dislike lots and lots of hours spending in car, i'll tell you don't get...

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there. You can drive somewhere else as the country Nigeria is as big as Germany, Beligum and French together! Hiki iā 'oe ke mana'o'i'o i kēlā? | bet you do not. But it's true. I even googled it to be sure out that fact. And here it is :" Nigeria is approximately 923,768 sq km, while United States is approximately 9,833,517 sq km, making United States 965% larger than Nigeria. Meanwhile, the population of Nigeria is ~214.0 million people (118.6 million more people live in United States)." That's huge I would say. 'A'ole 'oe e no'ono'o? Well but Nigeria as well has very interesting spirits in living, ruling and driving. Fun fact: Did you know that if you want your license you have to pass the kidnapping test? Aznuts. I know. But it's true. You have to get tested if you would handle a kidnapping scenario well enough. Anyways, I was telling you about the very olu'olu things that are in Nigeria. Let´s begin with the people, they have a very nice spirit and live the aloha. You will have a very nice time there, because Nigeria is intensive ,if you choose the right places and can deal with some lil street gangs trying to get some money from you. Mea ilihune, those mens, I mean they don't even have weapons and try to rub your money. Not really impressive I would say, and not kapu after all. But ‘o ko‘u mana‘o e pili ana i kēlā that it just makes the impression even more unique as an experience. It's joyful and rough at the same time, I promise you that even after a rough start there you will get an unique and unforgettable adventure, that's how the western must have been. I would so try out that experience. Lastly we need to talk about some politics and rulings there. I mean there isn't that much to tell, the country is ruled by anarchy and terrorism is such a big thing there that other aspects will even be forgotten. For example the mountains of trash that smells like rotten stic and won't get cleaned up by someone because there are bigger problems than that. With that sad news I will let you and the 200 mio people in Nigeria down on that one. Mahalo nui loa, I hope you enjoyed reading and got an impression about Nigeria. A hui hou kakou. Ps: feel free to let me know your experience! Kommentiert [VO1]: Nice, interesting Kommentiert [VO2]: Zu viel hawai*i Kommentiert [VO3]: Extra unneccairy Kommentiert [VO4]: Absätze Kommentiert [VO5]: Mehr formulieren