Opinion piece "Should Britain abolish the monarchy?"







Opinion piece, E-LK
Should Britain abolish the Monarchy?
Monarchy in general, but in this case the British one, is a quite controversial top

Opinion piece, E-LK Should Britain abolish the Monarchy? Monarchy in general, but in this case the British one, is a quite controversial topic to discuss with many different and reliable views on it. Your position on the topic in question is potentially depending on your nationality, as the Britons have different opinions regarding the monarchy than the Germans for example, since after World War I the nation had enough of the Prussian mentality and got rid of the monarchy. Whether you are for or against British monarchy, one must accept that it is indeed quite constant, which makes its abolition rather improbable, does not it? An aspect in favor of the monarchy is its economic importance for the country. The merciless marketing of the royal family draws the attention of millions of people all over the globe to the country. Tourists are drawn to London like mosquitos to the light, willing to spend hundreds of pounds on sights, souvenirs, and tourist tours. Nonetheless, critics express doubts about whether it is necessary for the children of the royal family to be in the public eye from birth and not only be under constant pressure to present themselves perfectly, but also not be able to enjoy a real childhood. Supporting the continuance of the monarchy is the...

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survival of Commonwealth. Due to the colonial past, many former colonies and Canada and Australia are united with Great Britain and find a common identity under the crown. Almost the whole English nation is interested in the life of the royal family and feels connected to the monarchy. Just like in Norway and in the Netherlands, the monarchy creates common ground. The continued existence of the monarchy kind of steals the money of the British taxpayers, as the Sovereign Grant in 2019 was 82,4 Million Pounds (95,7 Mio. €). Regarding the in part high unemployment and low income of many citizens, it for sure is an affront to people that work hard to gain their money. Why would a whole nation pay millions of pounds for the security and police on the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle??? If someone mentions the term monarchy, the first thing that gets to my mind are the well-known Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth the first, who have both been dead now for over 400 years. Considering that Elizabeth's very late ancestors are still in hold of the British crown is a very bizarre thought regarding that monarchy might not be up to date in the 21st century. Nowadays, especially in the western countries, democracy is prevalent. This concept only partially applies to the British monarchy as it is a parliamentary monarchy. That means that the parliament and the chosen government exercise the authority. Anyhow, the reigning king or queen still has powers to wage war, sign treaties and dissolve the parliament. Furthermore, there is a fair chance that the people might not like and / or support the ideologies of the royal head of state. The fact, that the head of state is born into the duty and is not fairly elected by the nation, or the parliament does not go with the definition of a democratic state and is quite unfair. Talking about fairness, the hereditary system contributes to a dual-class society as the royal family is seen and depicted as rather elite than the rest of the nation. In addition to that, in the hereditary system nobody is able to make it to the top if they are not of royal descent. Taking the previous arguments into account, it is safe to say that the monarchy might have been an acceptable governmental solution in the late past, but these days there are way better and democratic options for a state administration. Especially, as the thought of a entirely democratic state is growing with the younger generations. Although Queen Elizabeth the Second might be the current head of state, the full perception of the royal family is becoming a more and more legally redundant interest which is possibly soon to be gotten abolished by the new generation or at least reformed into a fairer and even concept. Reason enough for this should be inequity, inequality and immense excess costs.