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The United States of America
Sonntag, 11. April 2021 13:10
Civil Rights movement:
•After the American declaration of Inolepenolence in 1776,

The United States of America Sonntag, 11. April 2021 13:10 Civil Rights movement: •After the American declaration of Inolepenolence in 1776, the US was still a dark place that was filled with Segregation and slavery •Even the founding Fathers were holding slaves. → Slavery was a huge deal in the US from the 16th up til the 19th century. → The KKK (Ku-Klux-Klan) was constantly on the hund for Blacks, especially in the South. ↳ Their main interest was to harm and to suppress (unterdrücken) the Blacks / A fro Americans →A lot of Racial Profiling was (is) going on (= Judging individuals based on their ethnicity (stereotypes, prejudices)) The Situation shifted after the American Civil war (1861-1865) ↳Abraham Lincoln declared slavery as illegal and promised them rights During the Reconstruction period blacks took Leadership roles like never before ↳ in 1868 the 14th amendment granted blacks equal protection under the law. But: Discrimination was still there Supported by the Jim Crow Laws:· Especially in the South, they disadvantaged blacks a lot •By that, Blacks were kept seperately from whites (Segregation) .E.g • Blacks couldn't use the same public facilities Interracial marriage was illegal → Kids needed to go to seperate schools Civil rights movement. • Race relations /Segregation • MIK/ Rosa Parks -Civil right acts Black Lives Matter Affirmative Action Blacks couldn't vote because they couldn't...

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pais the voter Literacy jest just because of their skin colour → During WW II Racial discrimination got a tad bit better ↳Black men and women served toughly in the is military to fight for freedom and democracy. >Some Blacks became higher military labels and by that broke through some of the racial barriers Presiden Truman initiated a civil rights agenda in which he ended discrimination in the military →March on Washington •Most famous event of the CR-movement → Rosa Parks: •A 42-year-old woman who was arrested after giving a white man her Seat on a bus •She got a lot of support after this happend •It was the trigger of the Civil rights movement "mother of the modem day civil rights movement "MIA was founded (improvement association) where Martin Luther King Jr. was the leader role and he started fighting for civil rights Civil Rights Act of 1957 • Allowed federal prosecution of anyone who tried to prevent someone from voting ↳Blacks could finally freely vote Voter fraud started to be investigated •More than 200 000 people of all races met in Washington D.C. for a peaceful march •Martin Luther King Jr. held his famous speech "I have a dream..." on that day. ↳ By that he became the slogan for equality and freedom →Civil Rights Act of 1964 •President John F. Kennedy initiated this before his assassination ↳ The law guaranteed equal employment for all →Black Lives Matter •It's a social and political movement that fights for the equality of races, especially Blacks t's based on incident that happened. police brutality ↳racially motivated violence in general •One big trigger were just recent deaths of Blacks in 2020 George Floyd ↳Breonna Taylor Trayvon Martin •B&M was first founded and introduced in 2013 De • Endless protest have been held peacefully ↳but they turned into ricts because of police brutality. •It's an international movement, not just in the US ↳gals have been achieved by it, it's very powerful →>Is established to help any minorities in general (including women!) →Helps in aspects such as: higher education. •job findling. equal job payments/salaries Affirmative Action: •It's a policy / a set of beliefs, that aims to increase opportunities in the workplace and education industry to fight against racism, ciscrimination, unequality. The very peak of the Seg- regat time •disability minorities ·gender minorities ·ethnic origin minorities. ·age minorities BLACK LIVES MATTER helps economy > by that at the same time → Affirmative Action was first established in the 1960's by President Johnson He had the goal to improve Opportunities for African Americans during the civil rights movement →Jateron the Action outgrew this specific group and got expanded and regarded all groups of minorities in the US ·race minorities