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- time when Queen Elizabeth I reigned (1558-1603)
- peace and prosperity → the golden age
→ freedom of spirit, opened ne

the Elizabethan age - time when Queen Elizabeth I reigned (1558-1603) - peace and prosperity → the golden age → freedom of spirit, opened new worlds of history and poetry, stimulated English culture -revolutionized many aspects of life (literature, welfare) - obey laws of nature THEIR WORLD VIEW - related on religion -hierarchical order → unchangeable hierarchy → Romeo and Juliet cannot marry because on one side Juliets father does not want it → they still do it →→sad end, both are died → as a consequence that they tried to fight against the hierarchal order - obedience/ obedient to the system - Shakespeare makes clear when the hierarchical structure isn't followed by the characters a tragedy happens - if the characters want to achieve their own happiness by breaking the system the individual has to fail THEIR SOCIETY -occupations and social classes - marriages just in the own class - born into the class - woman obey (gehorchen) men - children: subservient (unterwürfig) to adults DOCTRINE OF THE 4 ELEMENTS doctrine Lehre elements shaped the Elizabethan world view - man was formed by the combination of four elements 1. earth - melancholy 2. water-phlegmatic 3. air - sanguine 4. fire - choleric WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE -born in 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon and died 1616 - married with 18 years & had 3 kids - from 1590 he lived in London still relevant - Shakespeare is quoted on a daily basis → part of English...

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everyday language - Shakespeare antroversy: modern debate. - deep influence on the English language - profitable brand - universal works, topics and characters - Shakespeare as a person is a mystery that still needs to be solved not relevant anymore - Shakespeare is old-fashioned, there are good alternatives - Students should get to know a variety of writers and though this a wide range of literature - different ethnities of Students afford different ethnities of writers - only a small group of (White)people decided on Shakespeare in the curriculum - other writers can teach Students about human condition as well - making a choice for Students reduces their motivation to read eurocentric presentation it's always done like that is not an argument → change can be good - diverse students, diverse literature THEMES betrayal - love and hate - public shaming - noting (beobachten) - entertainment ORK - the importance of honor - rivalry MOST POPULAR WORKS - Romeo & Juliet (1597) - love stor between Romeo and Juliet (rival families) Hamlet (1603) - Prince of Denmark wants revenge for his fathers death; Claudius, the murderer, wants to keep the throne Macbeth (1608) - three witches tell the Scottish general Macbeth that he will King of Scottland; encouraged by his wife, Macbeth kills the king and becomes the new one; he kills more people out of paranoia; civil war erupts to overthrow Macbeth, resulting in more death Othello (1622)- kills his wife, because someone says she betrays him SHAKESPEARE Sonett 18: describes the beauty of a person - comparison with wonderful things, such as summer days Connected to other topics BRITAIN (british identity, cutural heritage, governmental structures, monarchy) STUDYING & WORKING (usage of Internet for research, spread of Shakespeare, the English language) AMERICAN DREAM (achieve everything, regardless your social position (contrast), Hollywood (source of inspiration) NIGERIA ( Nollywood (inspiration), cultural colonialism, class system) VISIONS OF THE FUTURE (historic developments vs. future, religion, utopia/dystopia, very hard to combine)