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BLF Englisch 2020

BLF Englisch 2020

Sächsisches Staatsministerium
für Kultus
Schuljahr 2019/20
Besondere Leistungsfeststellung Englisch
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BLF Englisch 2020

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- BLF (Abschlussprüfung 10. Klasse Gymnasium) Englisch 2020, Note 1 - Hör- und Leseverstehen, text production (blog entry)




1 Sächsisches Staatsministerium für Kultus Schuljahr 2019/20 Besondere Leistungsfeststellung Englisch -ERSTTERMIN- Material für Schüler Allgemeine Arbeitshinweise Die besondere Leistungsfeststellung besteht aus den obligatorischen Teilen A, B und C, die innerhalb von 90 Minuten zu bearbeiten sind. Zeitliche Orientierung und organisatorischer Ablauf: Teil A: Teil B: Teil C: Listening comprehension Reading comprehension Text production Geltungsbereich: Schüler der Klassenstufe 10 an allgemeinbildenden Gymnasien Die Aufgaben der Teile A und B sind auf dem Arbeitsblatt zu lösen. Für die Aufgabe von Teil C wird eigenes Papier benötigt. - Die Reihenfolge für die Bearbeitung der Aufgaben in den Teilen B und C ist freigestellt. Die einzelnen Aufgabenteile sind deutlich sichtbar zu kennzeichnen und voneinander zu trennen. Am Anfang jedes Aufgabenteils ist die erreichbare Anzahl von Bewertungseinheiten (BE) ge- nannt. ca. 20 Minuten ca. 20 Minuten ca. 50 Minuten Zugelassene Hilfsmittel: zweisprachiges Wörterbuch Deutsch-Englisch/Englisch-Deutsch einsprachiges Wörterbuch Englisch Wörterbuch der deutschen Rechtschreibung zweisprachiges Wörterbuch für Schüler, deren Herkunftssprache nicht oder nicht ausschließlich Deutsch ist (Deutsch-Herkunftssprache/Herkunftssprache-Deutsch) Name, Vorname: Zugelassen sind jeweils nichtelektronische und elektronische Wörterbücher, sofern sie geschlossene Systeme ohne Möglichkeit der Speichererweiterung sind. Internetfähige Hilfsmittel sind ausgeschlossen. Erreichte BE-Anzahl: 39/40 Klasse: Note: Besondere Leistungsfeststellung Gymnasium, Klassenstufe 10, Englisch, Ersttermin 2019/20 - Material 10/2 Seite 1 von 6 Name, Vorname: a) Complete the sentences with information from the text. The Prince's Trust was established in 1976 A Listening comprehension The Prince's Trust You will hear a radio feature about The Prince's Trust. You now have 3 minutes to read the following tasks. Then listen to the radio feature and do...

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the tasks according to the information from the text. You will hear the text twice. The Prince's Trust offers people free courses so that they can get a job Employers in the “Getting a job" programme are willing to hire fresh talent b) Tick the correct box. Only one answer is correct. Bob Clewley is a retired ... * policeman. social worker. □ gardener. According to Bob the Trust's employees help people who have to cope with ... conflicts at work. problems at school. □mental issues. When Lucy first came to the Trust she had ... □lost her job. a heart disease. low self-esteem. Bob appreciates that Lucy... is actively involved in the process. □has ambitious career plans. □does not make decisions without him. According to Bob a good mentor should ... □ have a lot of experience. listen well to their mentees. □ concentrate on small problems. c) Answer the following questions. Complete sentences are not necessary. What is the best possible reward for mentors like Bob? Someone growing See What is Lucy's advice for people in need? to Come Klasse: 10/2 confidence Seite 2 von 6 to Prince's Trust 10 BE Besondere Leistungsfeststellung Gymnasium, Klassenstufe 10, Englisch, Ersttermin 2019/20 - Material B Reading comprehension Read the text about a BBC series and do the following tasks according to the information from the text. Text 10 BE Meet the children of BBC2's Generation Gifted [a] Anne-Marie is 13 and lives in Port Talbot with her mum, stepdad and four younger siblings. She is one of the top students in her school year and should be destined for a bright academic future. But her teachers are concerned that Anne-Marie whose family is on benefits - is losing confidence, and that economic disadvantage might stop her fulfilling her 5 potential. [b] Her story, and those of five other 13-and-14-year-olds, feature in a TV series called Generation Gifted that will help reveal whether social mobility in Britain is a myth. It follows the teenagers' progress over three crucial years leading to their GCSE exams. Each of them has been identified by their school as gifted in at least one subject; each, for different 10 reasons, has a challenging life at home. [c] "Why is it that half of the children who come from disadvantaged backgrounds don't do so well at GCSE?" asks programme-maker Edmund Coulthard. "The answers are partly to do with confidence and partly aspiration. If your horizons are small and very few people around you have gone to university, it seems the best thing you can hope for is to get a job rather 15 than move into higher education." Coulthard's team looked at hundreds of schools in areas where the number of students going into higher education is below average. "We spoke to dozens of headteachers; they were very keen to talk about the unequal playing field in children's lives," he says. [d] Having identified potential contributors, the makers of the TV series then brought in a 20 child psychologist to assess their suitability for television. "Children that age are very shy," says Coulthard, "but they had to be able to express themselves." Were they worried the cameras might add to the pressure already felt by the children? "Of course," admits the filmmaker, "13 is a tender age, and when you're having a film' made about you, there are moments that can be tough. You have to deal with that in the most responsible way you can 25 so that you're not intruding." [e] The first two programmes will be updated next year and the year after, though Coulthard accepts that there's no guarantee the children will want to take part. "You can't safeguard against dropouts." [f] Coulthard believes that money and class are assuming greater significance in the lives 30 and prospects of those about to enter adulthood. "It's even more shocking when seen through the eyes of a child. If you come from a family where going to university is an expectation, or you don't live in a disadvantaged part of Britain, you'll have no idea about children who don't have those opportunities." Adapted from: Meet the children of BBC2's Generation Gifted. https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2018-02-14/generation-gifted-bbc2-children/ [downloaded 30 October 2019] Seite 4 von 6 Besondere Leistungsfeststellung Gymnasium, Klassenstufe 10, Englisch, Ersttermin 2019/20 - Material Name, Vorname a) Match each of a) Match each of the paragraphs a- f with one of the headings 1 - 7. You may use each number only once. There is one more heading than you need. An explanation for bad results 2) The show will go on 3) Fit for the cameras? 4) The wrong choice 5) Worries about a smart girl 6) Social background divides 7) Six teenagers monitored paragraph a b C d e f b) Tick the correct box. Only one answer is correct. The TV series presents ... ☐a competition between 13- and 14-year-old students. □a game show with smart British teenagers. talented teenagers from difficult social backgrounds. Headteachers at British schools were ... unable to talk about their students. blamed for the inequality at British schools. willing to discuss social factors in their students' lives. heading 5 7 1 3 2 6 Mr Coulthard states that wealthy people... are not aware of the problems children from poor families have. should help children from poor families to succeed in life. □do not care about children from poor families. c) Choose the sentence that best summarizes the main idea of the text. Tick the correct box. Some children fail because nobody understands how talented they really are. Young people's social background may make it difficult for them to develop their full potential. □ TV shows can help people solve the problems of children from poor families. Besondere Leistungsfeststellung Gymnasium, Klassenstufe 10, Englisch, Ersttermin 2019/20 - Material Seite 5 von 6 C Text production Choose one of the following topics a) or b). a) Your partner school in Canada is running a regular blog on the topic of Volunteering. Contribute to the blog, illustrating the role volunteering plays among young Germans and outlining the personal benefits that could be gained from volunteer work. Write your blog entry (about 250 words). OR 1 1 voluntary work quite popular among young people in Germany - FSJ 5. gain valuable work experience +. employers like to see it on и gain Social mpetences. 3 contribute smith to community (by helping com where people are needed) you b) You see this announcement on an English website. 2° 20 BE Articles wanted! The most useful skill I have learned so far - at school and beyond. What is the most useful skill you have learned so far? Who did you learn it from? Where did you learn it? Why is it useful? We will publish the best articles on our website. Write your article for the website (about 250 words). time between school & university get through Search for identity and what the really want to do in their life. Inhaltliche Reichhaltigkeit und Textstruktur Sprachgebrauch Ausdrucksvermögen und Textfluss Erreichbare BE-Anzahl a) your application 10 BE 05 BE 05 BE 20 BE Seite 6 von 6 Besondere Leistungsfeststellung Gymnasium, Klassenstufe 10, Englisch, Ersttermin 2019/20 - Material bet a) tille? Hey guys. I am Martha from your partner school in Germany and in today's blog post I will write about volunteer work in Germany and the advantages of volunteering. At first I want to point out that rolunteer Germany is quite popular among work young people. Many teen agers volunteer for their sports club by coaching younger kids. Besides popular volunteer program is there called FSJ There are work. Besides valuable 'FSJ' means 'free voluntary year' and it is a program which connects youths to organizations looking for volunteers. It is often used to get through. the time between higschool-graduation and university. Moreover young people want to find out what in their career by they really want to participating the program. do year you which work in englisch very makes lot of advantages of Career social competences. During work you team. more volunteer orientation, it gives youths acquire voluntary lot with other people oper-minded and able to Martha Ro 1012 04.03.2020 1 29 68 122 163 espr JI Additionally you gain show you teacher it see 212 gives you Last that Lif kids before. Beside that, employers always like to volunteer your application so it other applicants. but you you really a that 2 258 life of you CO ci. しに li. valuable work experience. Let me want to become. voluntamy worked V example: if useful if work 9/10 5/5 کری you you advantage over- not least it has to be lot contribute a do volunteer work. Although this is not personal benefit it is to know do Something good and improve the others. the To conclude, I can say that volunteering not only helps munity but also gives the volunteer personal benefits. That is why it should be seriously considered by youths looking for in their free-time. 295 Something to do commi with mentioned to the community I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post, feel free to leave your opinion in the commentary section! 314 Martha nice DI