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Trouble-maker Ben spraying graffiti on a school wall
Trouble-maker Ben spraying graffiti on a school wall
Trouble-maker Ben spraying graffiti on a school wall
Trouble-maker Ben spraying graffiti on a school wall
Trouble-maker Ben spraying graffiti on a school wall
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What happens? Catch me if 18 can to the Ben sprays a the camera gym filmed him ailor Mr O'Reilly and Mrs Tailor discovered him, so his you a graffiti wall, but parents punished him. Ben not on до to school for Prest of the year. 9 Welcome to the Shack 2 The Like "Perfect, Pal". It's and GROUP members don't to in to app sprayle think. But then 15! get Paige. Characters Personal comment Ben 14 years old, (Reckord), I think it's not so smart, smart, maybe alone but I don't know (parents work hard) shops, they new member Ben's parents shocked, we working hard il 1 John Edwards math teacher know why, but I Like Mr. O'Reilly not friendly, sharp Ben's character. Maybe it's grey eyes, ever body called him " Eagle" Mrs Taylor steruly, but just because I like art and graffiti is art (often). gives Ben chance they plan Jetta Ying maybe a little bit curious Knuckles 15 feet tall, body of a weight lifter years old, 6 cool chapter, I don't like this chapter very much. It's totally different. The first chapter was better. I don't know, character is which very the best this Tryxie worried about Paige The Mouth called Moutie. chapter. Paige new member, skateboard of the book. I don't staring at laptop in What happens? 3 The great escape Ben is trying to flee out of the kitchen mobile window. His perfect pel checks out the house and they help each other. They talk about quotes and. Watching people Ben and Jerry walking down the street. Melanie Reckords, Ben's Mom, has noticed that he sneaked out. video Ben games, so to a Ben sees girl with Ben what doing. wanto new they go shop. But then, 5 The magic Ben the agree was was wanted to the girl a trick with · music. shop was curious beautiful table. watching is but Knuckles wourt is girl doing very good magic Knuckles, good. There graffiti and see, how that the trick the in when the show over. Then, Ben s gave girl (Paige). Was pounds to the Characters Personal I dourt Jerry may be perfect pel robot This Ben Reckords 14 y.o. Aniela maybe a...

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babysitter sister or Melanie Reckords Ben's lawyer Мош, а Ben Reckords addicted to video games maybe and his mobile Reckords curious, little bit a Jerry system with an on cameras house The smart home app smartphone every famil family with the girl hairs, pale face, is table carrying no name, black Paige is doing magic Mouth motivating comment is a very it's much. It's not not very exciting but I like Ben's character, but it's not good idea to home. flee from It's chapter. I character. It's chapter coal very I Like Jerry's very clever system, but in this case I think it betray Ben. will I don't like chapter very Knuckles angry, unfriendly, duat cheat It's Ben Records mby, in love with and spectators won't Knuckles райде agree with this mich. Who very eragguated unlikely. is doing a magic trick in a and throw cards. in the air? I think I like Paige's character, because she is honest. very what happeus? 6 A spilled talking with Ben was his Dad steve. After Ben went to bed, his mother Melanie came back home. The parents argued about Beu. Wake-up call The GROUP is at the shack talking and how they graffiti and how get famous. talk about again. They about the can they and what cameras they could do next. 8 Tower hit are Ben visit the the and his parents launch of new system Perfect Pal +. Ben sees Knuckles and remembers discovers, that GROUP wanted him. Ben the The of the to plug the system. plan GROUP was very good, but probably they get catched. Characters Melanie Reckords stressful it's Steve Reckords chilled Ben Rechords maybe little bit sky The Mouth happy Ying may be shy, Trixie brave, excited Jetta excited, happy Paige maybe biť الساك Cittle Richard Sykes COMPANY'S top manager Ying may be a little bit The Mouth excited, angry, stressful Kuugdes excited, scared, stressful angry. Jetta clever, plugs into system Melanie Reckords the happy, worked hard Personal comment Steve Reckords Ben software engineer + Perfect Pal + Reckords excited, clever very good chapter. The sougue between Melanie and steve was realistic described. In this chapter I like Steve's character, because he's chilled. I like because they discuss this chapter, exciting about the graffiti. I'm they what next. a curious do It's very cool chapter. It's bit longer than the others, but it's little very exciting. I like the way the author describes the plan plan with every detail. I like the character of Knuckles, because is he and trievery clever to not catched. ge In chapter 3, Ben the is Jerry wants text: Ben- feels excited. He is about fact, that his parents punished him. Maybe he little bit about Jerry, because tallugry it out Ben. In chapter 4, Ben little bit home because Ben a In into the new he the Ben him, so chapter 5, Ben In clever GROUP Love 5 pounds gives In chapter 6, Ben dad is friendly heard, that maybe to is alone. Maybe dourt want but to then his parents would is isn't feels girl's magic with to in chapter 8, Ben curious. He feels is his missing home, punish him excited. He's interested show. Maybe he Girl, because he is end. the girl at the feels happy but maybe because his to baredagued he's chapter 7 6: feels excited. He know, what the Launch of the for him, so the secret of again. and wants to is The doing. boring for system terested into" GROUP. parents chapter 6 In chapter 6, Ben's parents stress ful Melanie is but Steve Reckord very Ben, but he discovered tries but Steve down. Melanie Pal + and hey have she spills is angry, cod Perfect that arguing. isn't. He has tall ssive, says, to that are and nothing. Melanie is talk to her that she Ben's Jerry drink is really glad mom is unattentive, the a because on floor. She eaten work hungry, because she had'nt whole day. They both much. I think they shouldn't work so and pass the very long time with their family. some The members of the GROUP want to everybody against the want criminals x heroes X warn the plagas of everybody. They g illegal but with against the COMPANY, because all to help, graffitis and to COMPANY'S heroes, because system. I think you they want tou plug the they are and help. What happens? 9. Ben phones Matches (Paige). They talk about the magic meet at Eden show. They want square's fountain. 10. Ben and Paige meet at Eden , They talk about akateboarding and school. Ben of discovers that she's a part the GROUP. He wants to find out about the GROUP. more his 11. Ben is argueing with parents, because thinks that they hin. He's he 14 working not parents. talking 12. The GROUP is talking about new want to the plaus. They 'get into COMPANY for informations. mor 13. Melanie the of are the want the Records and other members COMPANY the I like this chapter. His very exciting and cool. like Bencs character I think they im. and Ou Friendly really spying Spying GROUP. They to discover GROUP. 14. Ben from He shares with gets his Pod's PC. personal comment 1 don't like this chapter. isurt to understand and isn's easy little under boring. There's nothing exciting. bit the informations Paige. they want to something, but to don't what. a chapter, but it's gol. It's very exciting. informations I I like she's very wants good getting Jetta's character. clever and to find solution without discovered. 1 dourt like this chapter very much. a little sometimes. It's bit boring Like anyway. but this It's Pexciting. chapter very Tong, pro Jerry • always safe from kidnapping • parents don't have to about their childrens worry you •If there's the have cameras in you you know that still is •If • you Trixie are can is is I'm mobile. housebreaker, Jerry helps They Like plan holidays, you standing talk cunous. very informations. Trixie gets informations. That's really risky, Beu and a cold person. and not swe But he with him house with do if She the Jerry wants asks he's into Jerry •maybe expensive have all datas they • they know everything about you feel observed do anything SO contra ● very very password. Jerry is everything together. Jerry has very high standars. He is just that Ben quite. Now his OL app you you can't secret really much. They plan to get to get more COMPANY brave. very the she's an clever. My personal hero GROUP. They haven't fighted some for vocabulary difficult after in you ✰✰✰✰✰ "Jerry" is exciting and very good book. It's Lourt you new to in wo3 privacy. that classes should understand words. in compartment. At first it understand the was the book but they've it is very ng. Sometimes somethin the was context, but the but there it's easier. For reading good book, but start slowly. X what happens? 23 Paige and Ben come police station. Ben his ignores the throws out of into the parents. On home he way his phone The the window. 243 GROUP meets st shack. They celebrate with non-alcoholic-drinks. a the and Paige present. He made t-shirt for hes. cake. Ben surprises. with 6 25 Connor wakes up his parents in the early because They pack out the presents. Connor gets COMPANY it's christmas. assistant. Connor called. him Yery. personal like like l' 1 I like easy and author Ben's thoughts and feelings throws his phone out of the window. It's comment this that the describes - chapter this chapter. It's understand dourt drink to it's exciting. good that they Udrink alcohol. don't like this chapter. If I were the author 1 would have made a happy end. it's had that they've made COMPANY assistant. reading log chapter, but what happens? 19 driving COMPANY. They plan to to Melanie is too late. In her gets Mr and Mrs Rechords are some Ibiza with Ben. little bit the meeting. phone rings. message of the broken. She thinks, GROUP has were that kidnapped Ben. the The GROUP is at 20 the to Shack. They stay at the want. Shack when the police think comes they that they search them if they flee. The that cameras because the police comes and they all get arrested. the a 21 Mr. Sykes Coses control and the press gets land. The asks very much about security. They ask press Can you assure us 22 She COMPANY has press conference. that today's latest 11 revelations from the GROUP are untrue? (p. 86, (l. 18+19+20) talks Jetta reads the press articles. with Knuckles. Knuckles will get released in few minutes. They about the press talk and what they say the journalists." to I like it's little bit confusing. I understand that Reckords is Ben, but worried about 1 dourt think that the GROUP has kidnapped Ben. 1 ster. don't like this chap It's stupid to stay the Shack. why they don't flee. This chapter good The talk I don't understand. is okay. It's and exciting but bit confusing. little journalists by one one, a I like little bit I like this chapter. It's short but it's good, that the auther describes the thoughts and feelings. What will happen next? I think the police will catch the GROUP, but I hope they Maybe they can and fight against they don't. flee COMPANY. 1 think Ben more I hope that everybody. very his parents when they find out bug thar que helps the GROUP. But I also work not hard so things with the COMPANY the any more press is on від argue with think they'll and shares spying the fact, ou V what happens? 15 Paige and Ben Ben knows all the information because he was his father's computer. He because he are they good side. V 17 take VW VV V 65 16 phone with dark-colored hair and black clothes. Trixie 1 V on When shopping, Ving Trixie on the sees wears ир. make tells the about it, Trixie in. thinks the k strong مصالب до GROUP Trixie has faked CV and plans to job at the disguise. plano to the GROUP and flies in COMPANY She presents to the interview. her The GROUP is at 18 Ben's father's computer. They find out, that Trixie is COMPANY spy. Ang k comes personal comment I like this Beu's this chapter. character is good. I like wants. to help the GROUP. I think I would not do , maybe that. This not not I thinkery important. don't need chapter is special. It's a a 1 chapter information. I like character you whole for these Trixie's now. plan and I think. will 9 Her good veryit success. this chapter. I like Tritie isn't honest if she's really COMPANY So court Like Minnie's character I like character. She's clever. anymore. Now Jetta's very