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Für den Text in Deutsch könnte das alternative Text für das Bild sein: "SEO-Experte erstellt prägnante und relevante Alternativtexte für Bilder."
Für den Text in Deutsch könnte das alternative Text für das Bild sein: "SEO-Experte erstellt prägnante und relevante Alternativtexte für Bilder."
Für den Text in Deutsch könnte das alternative Text für das Bild sein: "SEO-Experte erstellt prägnante und relevante Alternativtexte für Bilder."
Für den Text in Deutsch könnte das alternative Text für das Bild sein: "SEO-Experte erstellt prägnante und relevante Alternativtexte für Bilder."
Für den Text in Deutsch könnte das alternative Text für das Bild sein: "SEO-Experte erstellt prägnante und relevante Alternativtexte für Bilder."

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Aufgabenstellung Teil I 1. Summarize how David Cameron characterizes the British and how he understands their connection to the EU. 2. Analyse the line of argumentation of the speech and show how Cameron uses stylistic devices, tone and register to support his point of view. 3. Choose one of the following tasks! a.) Evaluate the speech. In how far is the British attitude towards Europe a reason for the Brexit? b) Write a diary entry dealing with your thoughts about the Brexit one day after the referendum using your background knowledge and information from the text. Aufgabenstellung Teil II 4. A friend from London asks you if you heard anything about their "trucker crisis". Write an e-mail to your friend explaining what you read in the given article and what you think about it. 1. Englisch LK Klausur ום 27/09/2021 The given speech "Prime Minister's speech on Europe", delivered by Dope the Prime Minister David Cameron characterizes the as rigorous and says can Q1 Cameron on e November 10th 2015 at the Chatham House in London, deals with the men of ene reform, in order to demain. in other Europeans thiom, connection between the European Union and... the United Kingdom and the need of an Eu reform in order the to remain in this Union. / 1 that they decides Britisn obstinate. He conich are a nation w about the best decision for the United Kingdom. They should influenced not get mens made by the close...

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rela- tionship between the UK and fee helps the El Europe. We gaining power and prospecity, they are rapserite for the ute. Brigh Still is an engaged. was, and the nation as a member European Union. KN The benefits (1/3) JA! the Uk gets from the connection. between them and the EU are important. The Uk gains power and prosperity for their nation. In addition, the EU is important. 2x Z/6r for Britain's economy. Half of Britain's trade is accounted from the Euro- pean Union. Immerenssteve Cameron However, Camerons talks about bad effects too. If the EU gets. problems, the Uk will not bee be completely unaffected. Cameron which benefits wants ar reform Britain got His Nice! the goal is as well entire Eu to achieve such an a change agreement. If there is not ponsibility and of reforms and the EUR Gas not one thee and EU cannot fulfil the national. interests of Britain anymore. the Cameron thinks the that the Un me might have to leave. the European Union. Quelle: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/prime-ministers-speech-on-europe 5 From:Prime Minister's Office, 10 Downing Street and David Cameron MP Delivered on: 10 November 2015 (Transcript of the speech, exactly as it was delivered) Location: Chatham House, London First published: 10 November 2015 10 Prime Minister's speech on Europe Like most British people, I come to this question with a frame of mind that is practical, not emotional. thinking feeling Head, not heart. antithesis at the beginning gelislisteners attention 15 I know some of our European partners may find that disappointing about Britain. But that is who we are. parallelism V same structure Text Teil I metaphon 20 The Prime Minister delivered his speech on Europe at Chatham House, setting out the case for EU reform. 25 30 That is how we have always been as a nation. We are rigorous/ginadlich practical. we of personal We are obstinately down to earth. hasträckes We are natural debunkers. S better to remember/ We see the European Union as a means to an end, not an end in itself. emphasis "Europe where necessary, national where possible", as our Dutch friends put it. he & the prounoun 'we' is feeling of unity sconnection to the audience government? membership of the UN Security Council or the IMF. quotation the more b An instrument to amplify our nation's power and prosperity-like NATO, like our anaphora SEU helped gaining power and prosperity simile resource We understand that there is a close relationship between the security and prosperity of the continent to which our island is tied geographically.... ... and our own security and prosperity. In the week when we commemorate the end of the Great War... ... and in the year when we have marked the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of Europe, how could we not? rhetorical question persuading audience Britain has contributed in full measure to the freedom that Europe's nations enjoy today. Across the continent, from Ypres to Monte Cassino, from Bayeux to Arnhem,... ... in stone cold cemeteries lie the remains of British servicemen who crossed the Channel to help subjugated nations throw off the tyrant's yoke... addresses to group of people → af of there is velationship from the Uk to Elicope a close a certain trug= In the following I am going to analyze how Cameron uses stylistic devices, tone and register, as well as personal prounouns to support his point of of view. His & speech starts with a short sentence. The antithej's and meta- phor "Head Head, not heart" (e. 14) be gets the audiences attention. They will speculate about what Cameron means with this phroye. in the next past he starts off with the we of the personal prounoun 'I' audience the 16.15). This gives the effect that be has everything. R content is better to remember.. In the next part, Cameron was. from Durch friends a quote gut! سی A sicht unten! CONTOL. He continues with. characterizing the British, using words like "we" (ll. 1b) and "nation" "plessonal pronbean"" (e.). He verwenden! and a connection with creates the audience a feeling of uniry. Especially in. the next part of his speech. In the e parallelism in line 18 to: 201 if he repeats the personal prounoun" "we" and the structure of the sentences while describing the British. ✓ This has the effect that the <- hier besser vergleiche oben! 40 5 45 10 50 15 antithetis 55 20 25 parallelism 30 ... and return liberty to her rightful place on what Churchill called 'this noble continent'. Balan And today, we continue to play our full role in European security and in global security. engaged nation [...] Britain has always been an engaged nation, because we know that engagement is the best key words. said offen > still an way to protect and advance our economic and our national security. So today, as we confront fresh threats and dangers to our country... ...I am in no doubt that for Britain the European question is not just a matter of economic security but of national security too... use of the persond proun oun '!! * give, the jeeing thrust. cameron has everything ...not just a matter of jobs and trade, but of the safety and security, of our nation. under conto / Equally, when the European Union accounts for almost half of our trade... LSTEDE ... it matters for our economic security that the European Union is competitive and succeeds in promoting prosperity for its members. - the EU is important for because they arlout for Just as it matters to us that - while we are not part of the Euro - and, in my view never will be - the Eurozone is able to deal with its problems and succeed. If it fails to do so, we will certainly not be immune from the side effects. That is why, almost 3 years ago, I set out the case for reform-reform that would benefit he is for Britain, and in my view benefit the entire EU. 3 benett a reform for both (EU and Britain) I was clear that Britain gains advantages from her membership of the EU. But I was also clear that there are some major problems which need to be addressed. Political leadership means confronting these problems, not wishing them away. we ws what he to If we ignore them, history teaches us that they will only get worse. 2. gp post events porteforence to [...] do redi regirst Hat the So I have every confidence that we will achieve an agreement that works for Britain and works for our European partners. And if and when we do so, as I said 3 years ago,... X I will campaign to keep Britain inside a reformed European Union... I'll campaign for it with all my heart and all my soul,... -→ passion ... because that will be unambiguously in our national interest. But if we can't reach such an agreement,... ... and if Britain's concerns were to be met with a deaf ear, which I do not believe will 1580- if there Britains economy almost half of rede -) if Elli gets pipplems. get 5 Britain doo happen... then we will have to think again about whether this European Union is right for us. As I have said before I rule nothing out. isn't a reform of the Eu EU isn't and. of Brilan about audience Ederstand the national interest anj more they have to think leaving lit there isn't s agreement) a good his goal Text Teil II 100.000 Lkw-Fahrer fehlen Britischer Verkehrsminister will »Himmel und Hölle in Bewegung setzen<< 111 Sorry out of use Um den Fahrermangel zu bekämpfen, will die Regierung nun »alles tun, was nötig ist«<, verspricht der Verkehrsminister. Unterdessen warnen Einzelhändler vor weiteren Engpässen. Es blieben nur zehn Tage, um das Weihnachtsgeschäft zu retten. 24.09.2021, 15.15 Uhr Geschlossene Zapfsäule an einer britischen Tankstelle: Fahrermangel mit Folgen Der Treibstoff ist da - doch er kommt nicht dort an, wo er gebraucht wird, weil die Lkw-Fahrer fehlen. Nun verspricht die britische Regierung verstärkte Anstrengungen, um den Fahrermangel zu bekämpfen. »Wir werden Himmel und Hölle in Bewegung setzen, um sicherzustellen, dass die Engpässe gelindert werden«, sagte Verkehrsminister Grant Shapps dem Sender Sky News. Am Vortag hatte der Ölkonzern BP erklärt, einige seiner 1200 britischen Tankstellen schließen zu müssen, da es an Truckern für den Transport von Benzin und Diesel mangele. An Tankstellen in London und in Kent bildeten sich am Freitag Schlangen vor den Zapfsäulen, weil Autofahrer Engpässe befürchteten. Schätzungen zufolge fehlen der britischen Transportbranche derzeit rund 100.000 Fahrer. Das ist vor allem darauf zurückzuführen, dass etwa 25.000 Trucker nach dem Brexit auf den europäischen Kontinent zurückgekehrt sind und dass die Coronapandemie die Ausbildung neuer Fahrer behindert. [...] Schon im August hatte die Schnellrestaurant-Kette McDonald's aufgrund von Problemen in den Lieferketten Milchshakes und bestimmte Getränke von den Speisekarten seiner britischen Filialen nehmen müssen. Dem Wettbewerber Nando's war Hühnerfleisch ausgegangen. Shapps sagte, man müsse auch dafür sorgen, dass der Beruf des Lkw-Fahrers attraktiver werde. Großbritannien habe lange von billigen Arbeitskräften zumeist aus Osteuropa profitiert. [...] Langfristig brauche man aber höhere Löhne und bessere Arbeitsbedingungen für die Beschäftigten. (cf, 1.22). The listeners get to know. other resources, not only the words. from Cameron. This leads to more Hust. Text The fhetorical Question. "[...] how could wer" 16.30) is there not? for persuading the audience. It is not meant to be answered, but the audience will still think about it. Especially the use of the word. "security " "remarkable. For example in line 25, 27, 37, 42 and 45. The audience will notice this 100. and they will get a good fearing noe feel more. gut: the safe knowing that for cameron security is important! F The antithesis in the next part describes the advantages and ich disadvantages from the the mem- gut. A bership with the EU (cf., el.52). The Cameron knows where the problems are and what he hay to line 55" [...] history do. In teaches by [...]", Cameron references to past events. This will have the the audience might effect wil that more easily a better imagine that problems. be confronted. In the need to the next part Cameron is clearly stating. his goal" He says that he wants. to achieve an agreement which has benefits for Britans and for the EU (cf., ee 57). In the last part. of his speech he is wing the personal prounours to support his speech again. The parallelism "I will campaign [...]" in line 60 and 61 starts the with the word "!". The audience. notice will again that Cameron yas everything under control. That he is the best Prime Minister, knows what to do * for He is 1 the nations beak interest. pasionate about it: having possion in pon "with all my (melaphor) heart and all my rou!" (e. 61). His speech ends with the shora sentence "I sule morning not the out." 16.67). The whole Speech 9 more is written in format than informal register. give provides This the effect of power and e. authority. °55 to conclude you can say that Cameron many ways support his point of view and. to persuade his audience. Es pecially Especially the use of personal prounours and the stylistic devices. are helping him. He is repeating (213) Erreichte Punkte: 1. Inhaltliche Leistung Inhalt Task1: summary Neutral, in eigenen Worten, im Präsens die Kernaussagen aufgabenbezogen zusammenfassend /abstrahierend: 0 characterization of the British national attitude and attitude towards the EU. o characterization of the relationship between the UK and the EU based on that attitude. Task2: analysis - Aufgabenbezogener Überleitungssatz und die Ergebnisse der Analyse zusammenfassender Schlusssatz Im Hauptteil wiederkehrender Dreischritt von o Fachbegriff o Beleg/Beispiel o Effekt J Task3 a: evaluation Task3 b: recreation of text Argumentationsstruktur: Attitude is one main reason for the Brexit (threads as given in the text went too far) but other reason such as cultural change and the resulting racism as well as negative economical compared to e.g. Germany are important reasons, too. Eigenständige Bewertung Hintergrundwissen L.Halbjahr 2021/22 Klausurteil B: mediation Inhalt Prüfling versetzt sich glaubhaft in die Situation nach dem Brexit und bezieht je nach gewählter Perspektive glaubhaft Stellung zu den Ereignissen. Aufgabenbezug/Passung von Adressat, Texttyp, Intention max. Punkt- zahl 9 10 reichte Punkte 12 мо 97 10 16 2. Sprachliche Leistung/Darstellungsleistung (Klausurteile A und B) Anforderungen: Die Schülerin / Der Schüler 1 2 Kommunikative Textgestaltung: • richtet ihren/seinen Text konsequent und explizit auf die Intention und den/ die Adressaten im Sinne der Aufgabenstellung aus, . berücksichtigt den situativen Kontext, beachtet die Textsortenmerkmale des geforderten Zieltextformats, • erstellt einen sachgerecht strukturierten Text, • gestaltet ihren/seinen Text hinreichend ausführlich, aber ohne unnötige Wiederholungen und Umständlichkeiten. Ausdrucksvermögen / Verfügbarkeit sprachlicher Mittel: • löst sich vom Wortlaut des Ausgangstextes und formuliert eigenständig. ggf. unter Verwendung von Kompensationsstrategien, • verwendet funktional einen sachlich wie stilistisch angemessenen und differenzierten allgemeinen und thematischen Wortschatz, verwendet funktional einen sachlich wie stilistisch angemessenen und differenzierten Funktionswortschatz, • verwendet einen variablen und dem jeweiligen Zieltextformat angemessenen Satzbau. 3 Sprachrichtigkeit: beachtet die Normen der sprachlichen Korrektheit im Sinne einer gelingenden Kommunikation, und zwar in den Bereichen Wortschatz, Grammatik, Orthographie (Rechtschreibung, Zeichensetzung) GESAMTPUNKTZAHL KLAUSUR GESAMTNOTE* Zuordnung der Punktzahl zu den Notenstufen: Note Sehr gut plus Sehr gut Sehr gut minus Gut plus Gut Gut minus Befriedigend plus Befriedigend Befriedigend minus Ausreichend plus Ausreichend Ausreichend minus Mangelhaft plus Mangelhaft Mangelhaft minus Ungenügend 95-400 P. 90-94 P. 85-89 P. 80-84 P. 75-79 P. 70-74 P. 65-69 P. 60-64 P. 55-59 P. 50-54 P. 45-49 P. 39-44 P. 33-38 P. 27-32 P. 20-26 P. 0-19 P. max. Punkt- zahl 20 20 20 er- reichte Punkte 18 1956 100 92 R Gr Gr key words like security" and is using especially parallelism and antithesis in his speech. The Cameron is wing emorive language as well with lying the words "heart and ally my soul! Ie. 61) Or "heart" (l. 14). The audience will get a deeper relationship with and they will have the author Hist. 4) Dear Emma, I hope you're doing well! After the BRONall Becave you've asked me about the top trucker crisis I read. and I an article wanted to tell you about what I've read and what I think about the Briain, there problem is q of Hucked Due to In tatt lack the Brexit around 25.000 Fruches Hucker went B back to the EU and due to Covid, the education of new truckers isn't really possible. That had the effect that McDonald's remove some things live be milkshakes menu. Additionally, from their last friday many people went the gas station in London. Kent because they are gas that of a bottlenek. to and afraid the British government. promised that they want to solve this problem. I think that Britain should due to this problem pay more the Mickers. This money won't should hopefully have the effect that there be like 100.000. truckers missing. I think this is really a problem because my many shops & brands -could loose money.. what do you think about this crisis? Let me know! T R G 3) b) Dear Diary, Yesterday. was agress big day here in Britain. The referendum about the Brexit took place and with just a small amount of votes, leak the Brexit won. That men means, the the Uk ise is not a part of the European Union. anymore. I do not know yet is vis bo Be good or bad, we will Le guess I should How really think about this yet. Cameron said in his speech 2015, the Uk ✓ will leave when it is the right for us. and for the S I am having a positive feeling that way [...] he right. As long as a the safety and is secured in the best way possible, I do security of our nation. not really care it we are ✓ a part of the EU, anym of or not. KOFAR However, I am still kind of afraid about what is coming becave like I have already said, * the referendum lows a really close. Just a few/ votes meow more for the Brexit. Why did my peep was mo't ther fear more clear result? So I am Kinda excited for the future. and what problems of benefits this exit of the EU will de flot. taue. (3/3) W