native americans




timeline of native american history
BCE: 5000-Tribal peoples begin to develop across North America.
1000-The Woodland perio

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NATIVE AMERICANS timeline of native american history BCE: 5000-Tribal peoples begin to develop across North America. 1000-The Woodland period begins including the Adena culture and the Hopewell peoples. CE 1000-The Mississippian culture developes along the Mississippi River and the Ohio River. These people are known for building large mounds which can still be seen today. 1400s- The land that would become the United States is inhabited by various historic tribes such as the Apache, Cherokee, Chicksaw, Navajo and Sloux. 1492-Christopher Columbus makes contact with native people on the island of San Salvador. He calls them Indians because he mistakenly thinks he has landed in the East Indiens. 1513-Juan Ponce de Leon explores Florida and comes into contact with Native Americans. He takes eight of them captive. 1539-Hernando de soto lands at Tampa Bay, Florida and kills 100 Native American warriors. 1539- The Spanish make first contact with the Pueblo Indions in the south west. 1620 Pocahontas marries Englishman John Rolfe. 1680-The Pueblo Indians revolt against the Spanish and take back their homeland for 12 years. 1754-The beginning of the French and Indian war between France and Great Britain, Indian tribes were involved on both sides. The war ended in 1763. 1764-Chief Pontiac of the Ottawa lead a rebellion against the British in the Ohio River Valley. 1810-Tecumseh begins to...

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put together his confederation of Native American Tribes in an effort to stop the expansion of the United States. 1811- The Shawnee are defeated by William Henry Harrison at the Battle of Tippe canoe. 1812-Native Americans under Tecumseh ally with British against the United States in the War of 1812. 1817- The first seminole war is fought when Andrew Jackson invades Florida in order to catch runaway slaves. 1824-The US. established the Office of Indian Affairs. 1830- President Andrew Jackson singhs the Indian Removal Act into law. 1835- The second seminole War starts when the U.S. tries to forcible move the Seminole Indians from Florida to Oklahoma. 1838-The Cherokee are forced to march from North Carolina to Oklahoma, Thousands of them die along the way in what will be known as the Trail of Tears. 1855- The third seminole war is fought against legendary leader Billy Bowlegs. 1855-The Nez Perce sign an agreement with the U.S. Government wich would later be rescinded when gold was discovered on the Nez Perce land. 1862- The Homestead Act is passed by the U.S. government opening Indian land in the Midwest to settlers. 1874- The Red River War is fought in Northern Texas 1876- George Custer and the U.S. Army is soundly defeated at the Battle of Little Big Horn by Native Americans led by Sitting Bull 1877- The Nez Perce people led by Chief Joseph retreat from U.S. forces and travel 1,400 miles until they surrender in what would be known as the Nez Perce war. 1890 - The wounded knee Massacre takes place in South Dakota. Two hundred Native American I women and children are killed. 1907- Charles Curtis becomes the first Native American U.S. Senator. He would later become vice president of the U.S. 1912- Jim Thorpe wins two gold medals in the Olympics and is named the greatest athlete in the world. 1965-Native American Maria Tallchief becomes the first American prima ballerina of the New York City Ballet. 1969-All Native American Indians are declared citizens of the United States.