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romeo and juliet

romeo and juliet

 Romeo and Juliet
Elizabethan Age
England was cut off from catholic Europe
reformation & protastantism
-churches were rolobed

romeo and juliet

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Romeo and Juliet Elizabethan Age Religion England was cut off from catholic Europe reformation & protastantism -churches were rolobed -monarch plays key role in religious matters -monasteries were dissolved · deeply felt sense of loss -the old political and religious order gave more security Elizabeth I her reign-1558-1603 Naged war on Spain, war lasted until she died -cause received seapower · Renaissance was during her reign illustrated in literature & plays Beliefs ·system of hierarchy "The Great Chain of Being" - all forms of elements were divided into classes. ·beliefing in demons, spirits, witchcraft and magic geocentric world vien -earth as the center of universe. Progress new view of world -heliocentric -invention of the printing press. -availability of information · discovery of America (Columbus) -oversea trading time of great change -Sience, technology, religion, society Engaging with Shakespeare ea Contra plays were written for the stage, not to be read ·language must be seen and heard by actors. ·analyzing the language leads to confusion ·language is supposed to be explored by the students. ∙just reading leads to an understanding and entertaining lack Pro part of English culture timeless/relevant topics -watching his plays can be fun. you might learn some life-lessons from Shakespeare William Shakespeare born in Stratford in 1564 son of a simple glover ·received no university education 3 children -wrote 37 plays, 154 sonnets and invented more than 400 words ·capable businessman, owned a part of the Globe Theatre died on his loirthday in 1616 Conspiracy theory Pro writer had detailed...

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knowledge of court politics Shakespeare received no higher education a person who openly critizised the monarchy would have been put to death he wouldn't have had knowledge about costumes at court Contra ·other authors died earlier than the plays were written Shakespeare received classic education he could have expand his knowledge it's proven that he was in London at the time his plays were written and staged · famous writers can start from modest beginnings Shakespeares language Inversions different sentence structure ↳to follow a mhyme. Outdated words and phrases thee: :: you thou: you art are thy: your ay: yes dost do alas unfortunately Contractions ·leaving out letters and syllables ↳ for rhythmic purposes verlo forms many "-st"/"th" at the end of verlos hadst had goest:go dost: doldoes Nilst: Nil hath has doth do Plot Summary Prologue sets the scene Overvien about the plot. audience knows the end in advance Act 1 Scene 1 · Benuolio tries to calm a fight between servants Tybalt increases the tension. ·Prince wants to kill everyone who is fighting in the future •Romeo is in love but Rosaline doesn't return his feelings Scene 2 .Paris wants to marry Juliet. ·Capulet will throw a party to think about the marriage •Romeo wants to go ther too, because Benuolio asked him to compare Rosaline with other ladies Scene 3 ·Lady Capulet tells Juliet about her upcoming party and its' purpose Scene 4 Romeo, Mercutio, Benuolio are in front of the Capulets house •Romeo had a dream and doesn't want to go there anymore they are going to the party. Scene 5 .Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time and fall in love. .Nurse helps them to get to know each other Act 2 Scene 1 · Romeo is in love with Juliet his friends make fun of him. Scene 2 Juliet talks about her feelings for Romeo, without knowing he is listening · decide to get married. Scene 3 Romeo asks Friar Laurence to marry them. Friar has doubts but also hope that it will help their parents rivality Scene 4 •Mercuito and Benuolio make fun of Romeo •Nurse tells them about Juliets plans. Scene 5 Juliet is waiting for the nurse. Nurse doesn't tell what Romeo said about the plan. Scene 6 •Romeo and Juliet meet the Friar to get married Act 3 Scene 1 ·Tybalt kills Mercutio •Romeo kills Tybalt Prince banned Romeo from verona. Scene 2 •Nurse tells Juliet about the deaths. •Romeo is at Friar Laurences cell Scene 3 · Nurse brings Romeo the ring ·Laurence tells Romeo to go to Juliet Scene 4 ·Capulet promises Paris to marry Juliet Scene 5 Juliet explains to her mother that she won't marry Paris · Capulet wants to throw her out of the house if she won't marry him Characters Montague Capulet Romeo: sensitive, intelligent Juliet loving, borave Benvolio: peaceful, loyal Mercutio: loyal,notheaded Friar Laurence:caring, friendly Nurse: caring, loving Tybalt: aggressive, violent Analycic Rhyme scheme, me tre, sentence structure. ·pair rhyme / cross rhyme. iambic parameter stylistic devices imagery: metaphor, symbol, similie, personification •contrast alliteration, rhetorical question, irony choice of words ・night Iday • love I hate peacel violence