Speech Ananlysis George W. Bush- 9/11







The memorable speech on the evening of the 9/11 attacks by George W. Bush was given to comfort those who

SPEECHANALYSIS GEORGE W. BUSH 9/11 The memorable speech on the evening of the 9/11 attacks by George W. Bush was given to comfort those who lost friends and family members due to the terrorist attack of the twin towers.. The speaker wishes to persuade his audience that America is stronger than these attacks and he wants that everybody knows that someone cares for their well-being. The first few lines the speaker informs the audiece about the current circumstances. He mentions the terrorist acts and the many lives, we lost. Afterwards, Bush describes how strong America is. He tells the audience that these attacks do not take away the light of their nation and that America cares for everyone. This method creates a feeling of togetherness. Subsequently, Bush Switches his focus on the injured people. He assures his audience that something like this will never happen again. Halfway through the speech, Bush mentions that the government and the business economy are still working and they keep going. During this part of the speech he instils confidence. Straight after that, he firstly talk about the terrorists in order to emphalise that they will bring them to justice. He also focus on the fact that God is invoked in order to bring hope to every citizen. Towards the end...

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of the speech, he says that everyone should trust America and he appeals to stay strong. Throughout his speech, Bush employs a number of stylistic devices to underline how serious this situation is and to keep the audience attention. A much-used stylistic device is the use of personal pronouns (cf. 1.1) in order to make the audience feel personally addressed and he clarify to the people that they are not alone. added a personal touch to speech. The anaphora, our fellow citizens, our way of life, our very freedom" (1.1) is used to emphasize the importance of how the attack effected many aspects about our way of life in America. He repeated the word "our" (1.1). to include every citizen including the president himself In addition to that he uses a few alliterations for instance "Deliberate and deadly "(1.2) or "brightest beacon"(1.12). Alliterations are used frequently to emphasize a phrase or a group of words. A group of words that starts with the same letters is quite noticeable and stands out against the rest of the text so George W. Bush uses it to highlight certain key words and important information. In this case "deliberate and deadly"(1.2) shows the seriousness of the crime commited against the United States.. Bush also recited a bible verse (cf.11.37f.) because it correlated with the difficult times the country was facing and it referenced the Christian grounds the country was built on. In addition, it is meant to bring the country together trough a spiritual element which leads to Manifest Destiny that the nation is chosen by God. Moreover, he uses metaphors in his speech because its getting the important message and point across to the audience. It also makes the message easier to understand because a picture is created. These acts shattered steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve" (ll. 10-1) is basically telling the audience that eventhough a tragic event has happened, America is still strong and that it cannot break the nation. To sum up everything that has been stated so far, you can say that Bush uses many rhetorical devices for instance metaphors, anaphoras and alliterations which makes his speech very successful because of his leadership role. The president keeps a very calm and reassuring tone throughout his speech and you feel familiar with him because of direct addresses and personal pronouns which creates a pleasant atmosphere during this dark time.