the character of Charlie Kelmeckis from the book “the Perks of Being a Wallflower”




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 The character of Charlie
The character Charlie from the novel The Perks of beeing a wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky is a 16 years old boy, w

The character of Charlie The character Charlie from the novel The Perks of beeing a wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky is a 16 years old boy, who attends the highschool and arows from the shy, introverted guy into a person who is strong, extroverted and has his own little group of friends. In this time he learns a lot about growing up and beeing young. Furthermore, he has his first love, Sam. Charlie is the youngest of three siblings. His brother goes to college and plays football in a really good league at Penn State. Sometimes, the family watches some of his football games on TV and the thougt, his brother has the chance to play as a professional football player makes Charlie very happy. His sister is very smart and good looking. She's extroverted and has a close relationship to Charlie. This is reflected in really hard moments likes the end at the psychiatry. Beside this she is really caring about Charlie. She tells him not to smoke after her abortion. She shows this behavior in the end too. After the family knows everything about the sexual abuse of Charlie through aunt Helen they are really lovely to Charlie. Also with his parents Charlie has a good relathionship....

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Exeption at one time, after his father hit him in front of Aunt Helen he is really hurt and shocked from this behavior. Summarizing Charlie grows up in a lovely family. But since he was born, he has struggles with himself. This behavior gets more and more after Michaels death. His best friend killed himself by a gunshot. This was the second big stroke of fate after Aunt Helens death. She was killed by a car accident and a police man came on Christmas Eve to inform the family. Charlie was really young but the aspect Aunt Helen was killed on her way to buy Charlie a birthday present lets him think he killed her. This thought and Michaels death let Charlie fall into a deep depression. After a therapie he starts writing letters to an imaginery friend and his mood gets better. Charlie is really afraid to attends highschool because he hasn't got any friends. This situation changes as he meets his Englisch teacher Bill. He noticed Charlie from the first time and recognises his intelligence. He gives Charlie quite much books to read to promote him during the novel. This makes Charlie to feel special and give him confidence in his intelectual abilities. Moreover he supports Charlie to become an author in his future. All in all he is really fatherly to Charlie and theire relationship is quite deep. This is reflected in the deep talks. that Bill has with Charlie. He tells him his problems and fears. And they talk about teenager stuff, like masturbation or the question how to kiss a girl." After Bills year at the highschool he invites Charlie to his wedding. That makes him proud and gives him the confirmation, that he was a good student. Charlies fear of being alone in school becomes unimportant, because a few time later Charlie meets Sam and her stepbrother Patrick at a football game. He knows Patrick from shop class. He is a senior and a football nerd. Furthermore he's always funny. Charlie owned Patrick and Brad kissing at a party and finds out, there are in an relationship. Patrick is afraid that Charlie could tell this everyone but for Charlie its indifferent. This is another important part of Charlies character. He judges nobody. This a point because Patrick and Sam are friends with Charlie. He says nothing worse about someone. From the beginning he has a real close relationship to Patrick. They talk often about masturbation and Patricks difficult relationship to Brad and one time Patrick take Charlie with him to the hill where he meets other gay mans. It's Patrick too, who intoduced Charlie at a party as a friend. Patrick praise Charlie for his character with the words, You see things. You keep quiet about them. And you understand. (book p. 37 L.53 ff.) He do this because he has quite much compassion with Charlie concerning Michaels death. This is one of the best moments for Charlie because he feel oneself as a part of the group. Patricks stepsister Sam is from the first minute a very special person for Charlie. She is his first love and later also the first person who kissed Charlie. This move from Sam is really cute because she worries about Charlie and says to him:,,I want sure that the first person you kiss Loves you. Okay?" (book p. 62 l. 36 ff ). Charlie wishs Sam would love him to, but he is in Sams friendzone. She become one of Charlies important people and their relationship is special. Really deep and close. This reflects in the moment at the party when sam kissed Charlie she tells him everything about her first kiss. She told him it was one of her dads friends. She was seven and the aspect she tell this nobody exept Mary Elisabeth let feel Charlie really sad but a little special too (compare p. 62 L. 27 ff) The point that both are victims of sexual abuse is important because they understand each other in a way nobody can. Therefor Sam is a big support for Charlie when he's in the psychiatry. Beside this, Charlie is really honest to sam. He tells her about his sex dream and confesses he is in love with her. Yes takes it with humour and says: I don't want you to waste your time thinking of me that way (compare p. 24 L. 21). But this answer changes nothing about his feelings for Sam. He is very confused about his feelings for her and Mary Elisabeth. He noticed, that ME is not the right person for him. Shes really self-regardet with the target to enforce her own opinion. Charlie kissed Sam at a truth or dare game (compare p. 116 L.10 ff) and felt really terrible. He wouldn't lie but he realized that's not the right way. Summarizing Charlie character let the reader see that he's despite his depressions a honest guy who cares about his friend and knows them quite good (this reflects at the secret santa party (p.59]). He stands up for Patrick when Brad broke up with him and Charlie fight for his honor. All in all Charlie is a real friend.