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 the giver
A Summary
The film The Giver is about Jonas, who has to escape his well-
Protected utopian Community in order to save Gabriel, a
 the giver
A Summary
The film The Giver is about Jonas, who has to escape his well-
Protected utopian Community in order to save Gabriel, a
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the giver A Summary The film The Giver is about Jonas, who has to escape his well- Protected utopian Community in order to save Gabriel, a baby who has not developed as well as other babys. He cries alot and can only be calmed down by Jonas and his friend Fiona. Both teenagers and their friena Asner are nervous before the ceremony because that is when they will be assigned jobs. Fiona gets the Position of nurterer: that means She takes care of babys in the nurtring center. Asher will be trained as a drone pilot. But Jonas gers the most important position in the Community: he is Selected to be the new Reciever of memory by the former receiver, who tus becomes the Giver.. During his training Jonas gets transmitted all the memories of the past, of good and bad things, that the community nas erased. The community wants Sameness, no differences. That means weather, colors, joy, music, dance, feelings, and above all emotions do not exist. Neither does war exist. Babies are artifically produced, and birthmothers, a job that has a bad reputation, give birth. The community chooses Spouses and assignes children to them, who make up a "family Unit”. Differences are not allowed. Everybody has to fit in. When Jonas lears that the word Release" means murder ana that Gabbe...

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will be killed because he is different from other babies, he kidnaps him and escapes. The chief Elder has Asher Pursue him. Asher carches and loses him again so that Jonas can reach Elsewhere, a world that is Similar HO Our woria. Since Fiona helped Jonas to escape the baby, she is to be released". At the end, Shortly before Jona) fartner can kill ner, Jonas reacnes Elsewhere and the memories return to the Community. Thus he is able to save Fiona. differences and similarities book no talks about training (wr Fiona) he tries to teach Fiona ana gives UP nobody notices Jonas change 12 910 ceremony lasts 2 days asner assistent director of recreation takes the pills ▸ Jonas and Fiona don't talk much film Fiona helps Jonas and Gabe to esc ne shows her everything and convinces her to forget injections ▸ the chief elder tries to stop him IG WO ceremony lasts 1 day Asner arone Pilot uses an appi to prekend Jonas and Fiona kiss 17.0 Jonas sares Gabe Jonas nas feelings for Fiona ceremonys Fiona is a nurterer farther doesn't understand he's a murder Jonas notices different sight The Giver gave Rosemary the same kind of memories Closs, Party, fear) Writing a Pum review I Movie Reviews The Giver (2014) by The Science-Fiction movie is based on the novel. The Giver" by Lois Lowry. It is about a teenage bou in a special Community, where all the memories from the past have been erased and emotions are banned. When Jonas was chosen to be the next Receiver of memory (Brenton Thwaites), he was a hope for the whole community, because the old Receiver of memorys, The Giver Coeff Bridges) was getting very old. In his new assignment he learns much about the past, the time before his community was found. He started to see colours, which nobody else then the Giver Coua see, because of the Strict roles about someness, feel emotions and especially love, for a Birl, Fiona (Odeya RUSH. So he tries to show the community, how life could be, if there weren't the Strict rules, which were very old. Everything Just because of a baby, Jonas really liked, named Gabe (Alexander Jilings). Comparea to the novel there are some differences, but also similarities. In the book Jonas tells nobody about nis training, nobody notices that he changes, he's only 12 years old, he takes his medication and The ceremon lasts 2 days, while Jonas talks about his training with Fiona, the Elete's in the movie, The Elders are noticing the change, Jonas is 16 years old, he doesn't take his medication and the ceremony ony lasts one day. But Jonas saves Gabe in the novel and the movie, he has feelings for Fiona, which is a nurterer, Jonas noticeses nis different sight and there was another Receive, Rosemary before. After i read the book ana watched the movie, + I definitely prefer the movie over the novel, because it was more exciting and the storyline was well included. There were some little changes but only into a Positive way. I would give the movie 4,5 Stars because it was 9000 but nor the genre I would usually watch. .