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The Giver - Reading Log

The Giver - Reading Log

The Giver
Lois Lowry
by Selina
7 Keeping a reading log
How does the story unfold? The reading log will help you to keep track

The Giver - Reading Log

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- content for each chapter - different tasks -> summary, blog entry, news report, title + explanation, self-made pictures, song, facebook message, glossary, mindmap of Jonas (chapter 20), change storyline Klausurersatzleistung - 14 Punkte




READING LOG The Giver Lois Lowry by Selina 7 Keeping a reading log How does the story unfold? The reading log will help you to keep track of the main events. 1. Reading log: Create a table, one column for the chapters, one for the content and one for your reading mood or further comments. Chapter 1 2 3 4 5 6 Jonas and his parents talk about Lily's childhood and talk a lot about the Ceremony of Twelve, which Jonas is about to take. He worries about what his assignment will be. Jonas's father brings the newchild home and the family talks about it and also wonders what Lily's assignment will be. Also, Jonas remembers a strange event and thinks about it. Lois Lowry The Giver Content in one sentence In this chapter, readers get a first - While reading, I had predominantly impression of the main characters. positive thoughts. At first I was a little Jonas goes through a difficult time confused about the events described, because of the imminent Ceremony but this confused feeling quickly turned of Twelve. into positive feelings. I loved that the family sat down together in the evening and talked openly about each other's feelings. I was particularly positive about Lily's rapid change of feelings. This stayed in my head long after I finished reading the first chapter. This chapter revolves around Jonas's volunteer hours, in which he conveys with an Old and thinks about where the...

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released people go. tenagih dion Klett Mood (☺ ☺ ☺) / Comment - While reading, I rediscovered a lot of myself. Jonas is a very thoughtful and kind of hesitant person who thinks a lot about his future. I am the same myself. I often think about everything and especially about my future. What it will bring with it and, above all, what profession I will do later. The conversation between Jonas and his parents therefore reminded me a lot of myself. All in all, I felt fine while reading. - I found this chapter very interesting. First of all the resemblance of the newchild to Jonas, but also the incident with the apple, which Jonas remembers. The chapter arouses a great deal of interest in me and made me want to read more. While reading this chapter, I felt a bit bored. Sure it was interesting to get to know something about Jonas volunteer hours, but all in all it didn't arouse any excitement in me. The family goes through their - At first I found the family ritual morning dream-telling ritual and strange, but then I understood why they realizes that Jonas has experiences were doing this ritual every morning and a development, which is why he has I was very interested to read on. to take pills every day from now on. In this chapter, the family I read this chapter very carefully. remembers Lily's aging process. Right from the start, I hope that the They get ready for the first day of Ceremony of Twelve would finally the ceremonies. It starts with the begin. However, since that was not the naming of the newchildren and ends case, I am now very interested to read with the Ceremony of Eight. The | further and to find out which assignment 7 8 10 11 12 following day continues with the | Jonas gets and how he deals with it Ceremony of Nines and also Jonas because of his concerns. is waiting for his ceremony. At the end he talks to Asher until the signal for the next ceremony sounds. Now the Ceremony of Twelves begins. When the Chief Elder, who is the leader of the community, calls the Elevens, she gives a lengthy speech describing the person before announcing the assignment. When it is Asher´s turn, the Chief Elder tells memories of him and then he gets his assignment Assistant Director of Recreation. When Jonas's turn is actually, the Chief Elder just skips him, which makes him feel dizzy and he wants not to exist anymore. When all the assignments are done, the Chief Elder tells the community, that she skipped Jonas deliberately. He is the next Receiver of Memory. This chapter revolves around the hours after the Ceremony of Twelve. Jonas thinks about the new rules he has to follow because of his assignment. - I'm still interested in read on. While reading, I felt very excited in what assignment Jonas will get. I was surprised when Jonas was skipped and really felt sympathy on him. - While reading, I was very curious to see what happens now and especially why Jonas was skipped. I found it very exciting to get a first impression of Jonas's future work. Jonas lies for the first time in his entire life. He prepares for his day and makes another discovery, this time on Fiona. When he tells the Giver about it, he elaborates on the Ⓒ - For me it is simply unimaginable to put myself in Jonas's situation. I find it remarkable how calm he remains, although his life will change completely. Precisely because of the new rules that await him. After reading this chapter, I felt relieved that my life is not as planned out as Jonas's life is. However, everyone should accept their life as it is and make the best of it. And I think Jonas will just do that throughout the novel. At first Jonas talks with Fiona about - At first I was kind of confused their new assignments and about emerging nervousness. After that talk, he talks with a female attendant at the entrance who takes his fear away. Then Jonas is prepared for his first memory, the memory of snow. because of the old Receiver of Memory. He is a very quiet man who lets Jonas talk a lot first. I was very interested in read on because of the memory, Jonas is about to get. In this chapter, Jonas gets his first - While reading I felt like I was at three memories from the Giver. His Jonas's position and I quickly remind first memories are an experience in my childhood, sleigh rides and hours in the snow, the feeling of warm sun on sun. I felt very happy and got an the skin and a following sunburn. adrenaline rush because of that happy and positive memories that came to my mind after reading the chapter. - When I read this chapter, I felt good. On the other hand, though, also thoughtful, because I imagined what it would be like to live without being able to see colors. 13 14 15 16 17 experience. Jonas now sees the color red. Jonas can see all colors now and thinks about what it would be like if people of the community could make a choice themselves. Besides, he tries to show Asher the color red and after that he gets a startling and disturbing memory whereby he gets a new perception of the color red. Jonas and the Giver also talk about why a Receiver is such important and what memories are there for. In this chapter, Jonas get to know pain with new memories. The Receiver keeps memories for wisdom and for protect the committee of elders of bad decisions. He really wants to change the rules that not only one person must feel all the pain of the past. Besides, he takes care of Gabriel during the night and makes an interesting discovery. Jonas learns new and important memories and the feelings associated with them. In the evening he talks with Gabriel and is thoughtful again. Ⓒ - While reading I felt good but on the other hand also sad. I am happy about that Jonas can see colors now. On the other hand I feel really sad how bad some people treat animals and how they suffer under the behavior of such people. This day is an unscheduled holiday for the whole community. Jonas experiences a whole new depth of feelings and feels overwhelmed and sad because no one can feel the way he does. But now I am very excited to see which memories Jonas will get next. war. The Giver is thoughtful at the - While reading, I felt like I was in beginning and wants to give Jonas Jonas' place. I could picture what the a painful memory - the memory of a situation must have been like. Since I have read many books in which war scenes were described in detail, it is easy for me to put myself mentally into such situations. Of course, in doing so, I have no idea how painful something like that must be. I felt very sad and thoughtful when I read the chapter. It made me wonder why wars have to exist at all, when so many people die so cruelly. - I am a little shocked that Jonas gets such bad memories so early in his training. But what I found very interesting in this chapter is that Gabriel can accept memories, while Asher could not accept memories of Jonas in one of the previous chapters. When I read this chapter, my feelings were in a great conflict. On the one hand, I was sad that Jonas goes through such a terrible event before and now has to carry that memory. Especially because he thinks a lot about it. On the other hand, I was very happy that Jonas gets such beautiful memories. Personally, I think that love and family combined are one of the most beautiful things in life. All in all, my mood was still in the mediocre range. - As in the previous chapter, my mood is in a conflict again. At first I thought Jonas would have a nice day, but this was not really the case. Because his strong feelings, which no one else in the community can relate to, he feels very sad and lonely. However, I like that 18 19 20 21 22 23 In this chapter, Jonas and the Giver - During the reading, I was very talk about release and about the former Receiver - Rosemary. Jonas get to know what happens with her and why she isn't the Receiver any interested. I find it very exciting to hear the story of Rosemary and to follow the conversation between the Giver and Jonas. All in all, I feel good after reading, even if the reader is reminded of the painful memories again. more. Jonas and his father talk about to release one of the identical twins, and as a result, Jonas asked the Giver if he could see that event. So the reader and also Jonas get to know all about the process of a release. In this chapter, Jonas get to know that Gabriel should be released. Therefore he makes his plan a reality together with him. The journey is not easy because of many different obstacles in their way. Gabriel takes his first steps and I also find it remarkable how creative and bright Lily can be. In the end, however, I do not feel very well after reading this chapter. In this chapter, Jonas does not want - At first, I was not clear about the to go home in the evening and, meaning of the plan, but then I quickly together with the Giver, he makes a realized it. Especially the end of the plan to change the community. In chapter was really sad, as the reader the end, the Giver confesses that becomes aware that Rosemary, the Rosemary is his daughter. daughter of the Giver, has so tragically disappeared from the community. All in all, my mood was therefore rather depressed in this chapter. Jonas and Gabriel manage the last few meters to their destination elsewhere. - Before, I had no idea how such a process would work. I already thought that it would not be necessarily beautiful and therefore did not feel very good during the reading. All in all, my mood was rather depressed. - In this chapter, Jonas gets to know - I found myself in a conflict again new things. Things he already during the reading. On the one hand, I knows from his memories but has felt good and happy that Jonas and never experienced them in real life Gabriel were able to see and before. In addition, he thinks about experience things that no one else in the next days of his and Gabe's life. the community can experience. On the other hand, I felt sad and thoughtful because the living conditions of Gabe and Jonas are very bad and really hopeless now. - During the reading, I felt good. I find it very interesting how clever Jonas acts and thus ensures the survival of himself and Gabriel. I am now very interested to know how the book ends. - I am very happy now, that Jonas and Gabe reach their destination. I think it is interesting that there is really a place where memories, love and other individual things still exists. 2. Reading response: Closely engage with the novel: Choose at least 10 chapters of the book that you will examine more closely. Pick one of the following tasks for each chapter. Don't use the same task more than twice. 12x Summarise the main aspects of this chapter. (100 words) Find a title for the chapter. Explain why your title is a perfect fit. Draw a picture of a crucial scene in this chapter. Find a caption for your drawing. Make a glossary of new words in this chapter. Underline those words which are relevant for the themes of the novel. (Tip: Make use of them in your exam!) ☐ Draw a picture of people who appear in the chapter. Fill speech or thought bubbles with things they might say or think in this situation. Write a blog entry about a topic that you find interesting in this chapter. Let your friends know why this topic is relevant to you and everyone else. Imagine you are a character in the novel. Write a facebook message to another character in the book. Make a mind map showing a character's feelings and thoughts/plans/events in the chapter. Let's change the storyline! Write a new scene and include it in the chapter. Choose a song for a crucial scene/a character/an event in the chapter. Explain why your song is a perfect fit. Breaking news! Write a news report about an event that takes place in the chapter. chapter 3 Summarise the main aspects of this chapter. Jonas's father brings Gabriel home and what strikes Jonas right away are his pale eyes because they are rare in the community. Lily also comments on the newchild's eyes and jokes that Gabriel and Jonas could have the same birthmother. Lily wants to be a birthmother later and talks with her mother about that wish. Jonas remembers a special event. There he takes an apple with him, even though that is forbidden in the community. He plays with Asher while he makes a curious discovery. The apple changes but he could not identify that change and Asher could not see that change at all. chapter 5 Write a blog entry about a topic that you find interesting in this chapter. Let your friends know why this topic is relevant to you and everyone else. That's interesting tropic! an Family rituals an important part of life? Everyone knows rituals, right? It doesn't matter whether children's nightly sleep rituals, parties that families celebrate together every year, or, as in the book "The Giver", written by Lois Lowry, the morning dream- telling ritual are considered. Every ritual has its meaning. First of all it should be mentioned that in principle any act of the day can be ritualized. has rituals in his daily lives, perhaps even unconsciously. Moreover, recent researches can be very important for strengthening the family. If a family has certain rituals every day, such as having breakfast together after getting up or having a common evening routine, it strengthens the family. It also makes it easier for children to develop and they get a sense of what it means to live in a community at an early age. Rituals therefore give a certain hold in life and make it seem simpler and more beautiful because a routine prevails in the otherwise stressful everyday life. showed probably that rituals meals Nowadays, most Germans believe that regular eating together is an important factor for family happiness. Certainly, this is the reason why rituals strengthen cohesion. This strengthening of the community through rituals already existed then and, as it turns out, still exists today. For instance, if one looks at a special and well-known occurrence of the First World War, the power of the rituals becomes clear. On Christmas Eve in 1914, German and British soldiers left their trench and celebrated Christmas together. In this case, Christmas was considered to be a celebration of peace. So if there had not been the ritual of celebrating Christmas, there would not have been this celebration of peace in that sense. This makes it clear once again that rituals ensure cohesion and security in society. Looking at my personal life, it becomes clear that my life also is full of rituals. These includes everyday, religious and family things. I myself have already had positive experiences with rituals. For example, all my life I have known the ritual of my family and I having lunch together on Sundays. This and lots of other rituals creates a very special connection and strengthens our family community. So I myself can say from firm conviction that families with fixed rituals are definitely happy in their daily lives. Many other families also have their own rituals and find them important, not only as a family, but also for each individual. Ultimately, I would say that rituals definitely are an important part of life because they bring many positive factors to happiness. If you are interested in that topic or you have had similar experiences, then just comment on my blog. Selina 28th May 2021 chapter 7/8 Breaking news! Write a news report about an event that takes place in the chapter. Our community has a new Receiver of Memory! The long-awaited Receiver is finally here! 26.05.2021 - Selina Yesterday, the Ceremony of Twelve took place and the Elders chose Jonas to be our new Receiver of Memories. As everyone in the community knows, a wrong decision was taken 10 years ago. The Elders chose a person, who could not withstand the physical pain that the training contains. Hopefully they chose the right person now ! You might already know Jonas. With his light eyes, he is an eye-catcher in the entire community, for the reason that such eyes are very rare. I myself interviewed Jonas about his thoughts and feelings that came up with the Ceremony of Twelve and his new assignment. During the ceremony, something incredible happened, something that has never happened before. Jonas was just skipped ! But it was not a mistake, because the Elder did it on purpose. She wanted to save that special boy til the end. For Jonas, this was terrible and exciting because he did not expect something like that. In our interview he said that he was really nervous and could not believe what happened. Afterwards, he is still surprised why everything had go like this, but he is already looking forward to what awaits him. He himself said he had a special ability - the ability to see beyond. what is this? See beyond ? Sadly, Jonas could not answer that question, but we all know that he is a really special boy. Surely he will be a good Receiver of Memory and hopefully the decision of the Elders will prove to be correct. chapter 9 Summarise the main aspects of this chapter. After the Ceremony of Twelve, the people talk excited about their new assignments but Jonas feels left out and strange because he hasn't the possibility to talk about it. Later, Jonas asks his parents what happens to the Receiver ten years ago but they couldn't really answer. After the evening meal, Jonas reads the file he gets at the ceremony. He only gets a list of rules he has to follow and after reading, he is troubled by it. He is really nervous about experiencing pain and is uncomfortable about being allowed to lie. At the end he wonders if any other members of the community are allowed to lie and if his parents ever lied to him. chapter 10 Find a title for the chapter. Explain why your title is a perfect fit. For chapter 10, I chose the title "The first day of a new life". This chapter describes the first day of training after all the assignments have been given out the day before. Thereby a new phase of life begins. Jonas and Fiona are therefore very excited, just like you feel when you experience something completely new. In addition, this training determines the rest of their lives. If I imagine what it would be like if I were suddenly told what my assignment or rather my job will be for the next few years of my life, I would certainly be totally excited. I think it would make you feel like it's a whole new life, as everything changes completely from one day to the next. That is why I chose this title for the chapter. everything has two sides - the good and bad things of life chapter 14 chapter 15 Choose a song for a crucial scene/a character/ an event in the chapter. Explain why your song is a perfect fit. I chose the song „I see fire" by Ed Sheeran. It was released on the fifth November 2013 and was the end title of the movie "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug". Accordingly, the song refers to the closing scene of the movie. Nevertheless, I decided to choose exactly that song. Chapter 15 of Lois Lowry's book "The Giver" is about the memory of a war in which people die and cannons are constantly being fired in the background. Personally, I associate with war not only the dead, but also the destruction of cities and maybe landscapes. Since my grandfather himself witnessed the war and our house burned down during the war, I usually associate with the war also fire and therefore the burning of houses or even people who could not escape in time. Just before the end of the World War II, the Americans flew over our village and bombed it completely, except for a few remaining houses. Almost all the houses have been burned down to the last remnant. There were also tanks scattered around the village who fired cannons at the village from outside, which reminded me very much of the situation in the book, when cannons were heard in the background. There are some passages in the song that can be very well associated with war, which is the reason why I chose this song. For instance, the lines "If this is to end in fire - then we should all burn together" can be easily associated with the war. Because soldiers often want to die together and are reluctant to leave one of their colleagues behind. Also the line "Desolation comes upon the sky" fits very well because the many devastations and fires that come from a war makes it quite possible to see a dark cloud in the sky, which can be connected with this passage. This shows what war can do to people and to the world in general. The book "The Giver" also gives a small insight into a war scene in which people are suffering. The song is generally kept in a rather calm and sad melody, which I think fits very well with the whole war theme. Finally, if you have the background, as I have it through my grandfather, and you always associate war with fire, the song fits very well with the chapter 15 in the book "The Giver”. I am well aware that everyone associates different things with war, but I chose the song because it it suits me perfectly. love and family - a gift that lasts forever chapter 16 CEN Chapter 17 Imagine you are a character in the novel. Write a facebook message to another character in the book. Hey Jonas, I've been wondering all day, what's going on with you. Ever since we all started training, you've been totally retreating. We've always been such good friends! I don't understand what happened to you all of a sudden. We used to play this game together earlier, and suddenly you have a problem with it? I mean, it doesn't really bother me, its just a game, but what exactly bothers you all at once? Please tell me what the problem is! Or did I do something wrong? Or maybe Asher? I would have loved to do something with you after that. But why didn't you even want to ride a bike with us? I think it's a real shame that you're so far away from me and Asher. Can't you see that I really like you? Well, whatever. I just wanted you to know that I think it's sad how the things went on today and even the last months. I would be very happy if you answer me and we could get in touch again in the future. See you soon, your Fiona Chapter 19 Make a glossary of new words in this chapter. Underline those words which are relevant for the themes of the novel. new words to glance seldom release solemn to chuckle shrugged / to shrug astonished scale Auditorium to squirm syringe limp explanation to look at something briefly something that doesn't happen often in the novel: when someone is dismissed from the community translation blicken, einen Blick auf etw. werfen selten, rar Freigabe, Freilassung emotional situation in which you neither ernst, ehrwürdig laugh or cry; thoughtful quiet, suppressed laugh kichern, schmunzeln sudden, involuntary, jerky movement; gezuckt, mit den Achseln zucken expression of perplexity an unpredictable thing happens and you erstaunt,überrascht, verwundert wonder about it device that determines the weight of Waage something a room with rows of seats for spectators Zuschauerraum, Hörsaal sich winden, sich krümmen medical device used to inject a liquid not to be strung up, loose Spritze schlaff, schlapp chapter 20 Make a mind map showing a character's feelings and thoughts/plans/events in the chapter. full of emotions →he sobs, shouts and pounds the bed with his fists shudders because of the exuberance ● ● feelings of feelings feels fury and anger he is desperate he is hateful he feels confused interested • hopeful loves the Giver Jonas thoughts he hates that his father lied to him and never want to home again go ● • hates that people must be killed and thinks about release again • thinks about if the Giver ever lied to him before can't believe that people must be killed if they break the rules three times or even the Old or newchildren who done nothing bad lonely and desperate; thinks about what to do next longs for all people to feel love • memories should be shared with everyone doesn't want to loose the Giver but wants to change something dispersion • it is a shame that the Giver wants to stay in the community but afterwards he understand plans he and the Giver makes a plan together • Jonas will receive every memory of courage and strength to find elsewhere' in the night before the ceremony, Jonas will leave his apartment secretly he will take his bicycle and hide it at the riverbank with clothes beside it • then he will walk to the Annex Jonas's parents will find a cheerful note on his bed, saying that he was going for an early morning ride along the river •before Jonas goes, the Giver gives him a bundle of food •by midday searchers will be sent out for search his bicycle and clothes will be found • he will make his journey at this time the Giver will make the announcement that Jonas had been lost in the river finally, the people will receive memories • doesn't want to events home because of the go release he saw before he spends the night together with the Giver the two talk a lot about the whole releasing theme and about the community Jonas comes to the conclusion that memories I need to be shared the Giver has a plan to put Jonas's idea into action therefore Jonas and the Giver talk half of the night about implementing it without anything going wrong ● •the Giver says that he has a daughter and wants to stay while Jonas is about to escape Chapter 23 Let's change the storyline! Write a new scene and include it in the chapter. "(...) He forced his eyes open as they went downward, downward sliding, and all at one end he could see lights, and he recognized them now. He knew they were shining through the windows of rooms, that they were the red, blue and yellow lights that twinkled from trees in places where families created and kept memories, where they celebrated love. Downward, downward, faster and faster. Suddenly he was aware with certainty and joy that below, ahead, they were waiting for him; and that they were waiting, too, for the baby. For the first time, he heard something that he knew to be music. He heard people singing. Behind him, across vast distances of space and time, from the place he had left, he thought he heard music too. But perhaps it was only an echo." But when he went downward completely and reached the valley, he realized that it wasn't just an e echo. He really heard the people singing together. Right in front of him he sees lots of small houses like he never seen before. All of them were different, not as in the community, where all houses and gardens looks like the same; identical. He gets happy when realizing that he could pass the identical community thing and begins a whole new life together with Gabriel. Like he never thought before, a small woman with brown hair and a red dress opens the door of the house in front of him and asks him, if he would like to come inside to celebrate with them. Jonas doesn't let himself be told twice and goes into the house with the woman. The house looks exactly like in the memory the Giver gave him some time ago. The room was filled with people and on a table, there stand exactly the same polished golden candle holders like in the memory. The packages looked also the same - they were wrapped in brightly colored paper and tied with gleaming ribbons. When the people realized Jonas, they asked him, if he wants to drink something and the woman took Gabriel and wrapped him in a new, warm blanket and took care of him. The old man asks Jonas if he needed new clothes, as he looked totally wet. Jonas was overwhelmed by this hospitality and hopes to never experience anything else again. He found his new home! An excellent reading log, both in terms of language and content. Well done, Sching! пи tenses!