The hate U give chapter 1-9 summary




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Analyzing conflicts, characters, and atmosphere in "The Hate U Give" novel.

structure 1) summary (+place the scene into the context of the novel) 2) analyse the hate U give a Black lives Matter novel -setting - main conflicts - characters (behaviour, relationships, mood, appearance) - atmosphere (adjectives) - narrative perspective Chapter 3 -language -references (lines + direct quotations) 3) comment and something creative first-person (1) third-person narrator (no "1") omniscient > Starr's parents plck her up > On the way home she vomits > In the night she has nightmares (Natasha's death) station > Next morning they have breakfast > Starr and Maverick go to the shop > Kenya comes along and they go eating > King comes along and ne and Maverick have a conversation Chapter 6 > Starr and Lisa arrive at the police everything > the interrogation: Starr tells > the officer wants to mislead Starr Chapter 9 > In Gardun Heights are viounced protests; The Carter's are hiding > There are news about Khalil in TV >Next day Seven and Starr want to play basketball, meeting Devante >Maverick picks them up and Lisa sent them to uncu carias >Chris came along and Starr decides to tell him nothing Chapter 4 > Starr is awake after a nightmare > She hears a conversation between her parents and uncu carlos > She agree to make a statement at the police > The Carter's visit Mo Rosalie and talk about Brenda, Khalil, Garoun H. > Maverick give them money to support them Chapter 7 > Starr, Haily and Maya are playing basketball at school >...

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Hally says something raciet, Starr is attacked > Halley and Maya ask Starr about the shooting and Khalil > Starr calls Uncle Carios to pick her up from school > Starr and Carlos have a dep conversation (Carlos knows One-Fifteen) Chapter 1 > Starr and Henya visit a party > Starr meets Khalil > She gets that he is a drug deaur > She also finds out that his grandma lost her job, and that she is ill, so Khalil has to get the money. > They talk until there are some shoots > They escape from the party in the car >A police officer stops them Chapter 2 > The officer wants to see the papers > Khalil does not immediately follow the instruction's > Starr is nervous, because she memorizes the advices of her father > The policeman has the badge number 'One-Fifteen' > Khalil has to get out of the car, on the ground > khalil goes to starr to look at her > The officer shot, killed Khalil Chapter 5 > Lisa drives Starr to the school > Their friends talk about the Springbreak travel > Starr doesn't want to talk to her boyfriend Chris >Starr is thinking about Khalli's ouath and that she hasn't talked with Chris > After school seven drives the kids to the hospital > They eat with Lisa, Brenda comes Chapter 8 > Starr and her family visit Khalils funeral > MS Ofran tells everyone that One-Fifteen isn't get arrested > The people are shocked: Ms ofrah wants everyone to demonstratte > Some King Lords come and want to pay their last respects > MG Rosalie declined that and Maverick ask them to have (what they do) > MS Ofran offers Starr to represent her Sometimes you can do everything right and things will still go wrong. the key is to never stop doing right." Cisa Carter Chapter Summary