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Englisch Klausur
Useful phrases-function of stylistic devices
To emphasise/to stress a point/an argument
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Thema summery •Analysis • Comment Englisch Klausur Useful phrases-function of stylistic devices To emphasise/to stress a point/an argument To highlight a key event/incident To make one's opinion/position clear to the reader/audience To create a colourful/Vivid impression by making use of.. To use metaphorical language to make one's intention clear To sound friendly/confiding by using the language of everyday speech To use an encouraging/appealing tone To make the audience feel optimistic To appeal to To draw the audience's attention to the subject of To convey a personal impression/to give an eyewitness account... To grab the listener's attention Summary introductory sentens ↳> text type, Rame of Autore + Text, source (quelle) 1/3 of original text (length) only main aspects 4 w-questions • Simple present • dont' quote → own words keep it simple •no short forms! binking words How to write an analysis of a fictional/ non-fictional text Text analysis is the close study of formal and structural devices and of language and style. introduction: . The text/article/ novel, etc.... by X Y (published in "The Times" on October 30, 2004...) about.. with .... ... explains... ...describes... Comment Introduction present problem reter to question/statement present your own opinion collect pro + con arguments weakest → connect pro + con of argument. • Make sure you have a good introduction, where you introduce the topic of your text. main body: ↳s name argument → explain it → give reference. • conclusion + possible solutions Develop your points clearly in the following...

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paragraphs. This is the main part of your text including the analysis. Each paragraph should centre around one central idea. Start your paragraphs like this: It becomes obvious that the author manages to convince his/her readers that it is time for the voters to speak" (see headline). Especially the structure of the article and the use of language guide the readers' attention. In his speech Bush manages to emphasize that he was and is the suitable President of the USA. Especially the use of emotional language underlines this view. For example he frequently uses... The use of language / stylistic devices/ rhetoric devices > underlines that... emphasizes that.... > makes clear that > focuses the readers' attention on ... creates the impression of / that... appeals to the reader because... conclusion Sum up your results and finish with a concluding paragraph. Categories in language to examine: >main clauses simple structure >subordinate clauses (more) complex structure > eye-catching grammar (e.g. passive or active voice, elevated or simple style of language) > words of special word fields (religion, politics, family, war, sports, business, etc.) > especially positive or negative expressions > adjectives & adverbials to describe events & actions (e.g. turbulent sea, to speak shortly but loudly) precise arguments or just personal opinion >quoting an expert or scientific figures to prove his/ her using "we" and "us" to include the reader/ listener comparatives (stronger than...) superlatives (the strongest in the world...) > repetition of words/ phrases > alliteration structure of an Analysis Introduction: text type, name of the Author, topic, intention title of text, source (publition (date)) -> short summery 3-5 sentens > images (e.g. With the image of the American nation being a boat "on a turbulent sea" (see I. 12) the author underlines/ emphasizes/ makes clear that ...) Analysis: rhetorical/stylistic devices Language, argumentative devices → reference to intentions Conclusion: Sum up main results → referens to intentions